CHAD BARTH AT 30 – Very special birthday greetings from QCI to good ole Chad Barth. Now he’s been a stressed about turning the big 3-0. He was even asking if he can join AARP. Come on man. 30 rules. 30 is the new 20… with more back aches.

Barthy was one of the guys who got me hooked in politics. We were roommates for 3 or so years (more if you count all the time I crashed on his couch). He’s a great friend and we should all wish him (or console him) on his big day. Take a minute and send birthday greetings to cbarth@rnchq.org.

Remember Chad, “It wasn’t the cable TV that brought her back, it was your cable. Been swinging this whole time and we didn’t even know it. Just swinging.” Happy birthday pal.

RUBBER CHICKEN CIRCUIT – Alright, there are some cool events I’m thinking about live blogging. I can finally use my Frank header! Here’s some of the upcoming events you may find the world’s most crappiest blogger.

FRIDAY, MAY 30TH – LINCOLN DAY DINNER – Embassy Suites, Des Moines
- Guest speaker Senator John Thune and a chance to hear all of the candidates a few days before the Primary Election. I smell a sign war! Unless they enforce the rules I helped write. Plus the post dinner party

- Special guests Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee will be there. Plus there’s always pre and post convention events to hit.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4TH – ICA DINNER – 7 Flags Center, Clive
- Rush’s brother, David Limbaugh is the guest speaker. I got to tell ya, that’s a pretty solid speaker for once with the ICA. I might not try to cut out early. Nice work.

Have a cool event coming up you want covered in the most snarkiest and randomly way? Add me to your email blast list… you know, if I’m not already on it. Did I tell you how much I love comp tickets? I’m just saying.