So as I announced here a while a go, Krusty is back. Better than ever. He is blaming the audacity of the World’s krappiest blog for pushing him over the edge in the first Haiku Friday in ages. Apparently the “Riddle Me This” post for a week paid off… not really. I’m seriously not that big of deal. If you think so, I’d like to sell you the Locust Street Bridge.

He followed up with a couple of posts and it looks like ole Hershel Krustofski is back to mid season form. His recent post on the state of the US Senate race is a great read. I’ll tell ya, I was going to be the first blog/news source/gossip rag/waste of time/crappy website to officially call the race for Harkin. Making a Drudge like breaking new story, sirens, and piss off a lot of people… It’s weird, you become a little snarky when you do a blog, it just goes with the biz I guess.

But my inner TB (true believerism) comes back and I always become a "pitcher half full" type of guy. A buddy of mine told me once, “Dude, 96% of the Republican Caucus could be busted with hookers a week out from Election Day and you would still say we have a solid shot at the majority.” That may be stretching it a bit… although if 96% of the caucus was getting busted with hookers on the same day, wouldn’t you think it was some sort of cultural trend?

Anyways, I’m just a believer of the idea of “That’s why you play the game.” You know it could be worse, you could get your nose bitten off by a Saigon whore… take it away Norm!