WANT TO BE A QCI GAME DAY CONTRIBUTOR? Hey QCI-ders. Looking for a group of readers who would like to file stories throughout the big Primary Day on June 3rd. If you would like to be a part of the QCI GAME DAY TEAM, email me at grantyoung72@hotmail.com. Maybe I’ll wear a mascot head for my predictions! There will be prizes and awards given to the most clever comments on Primary Day (just like the clever signs those crazy college kids make). Stay Tuned!

OPEN LINE FRIDAY - Nice work on the snarky yet civil smack talk QCI-ders. Rome salutes you. Now I ask my international conversation switcher, “Do you like corn on the cob?” I like mine with tons of butter and a whole lot of salt and pepper action.

Leaving the open lines to you all. What’s the issue of the day? More 2nd District Smack Talk? Do you eat your corn on the cob like typewriter? Culver’s veto, the Iowa version of shock and awe… talk amongst yourselves!