More on Thune...

From guy who would know, he said it... Harkin can be beat. Thoughts QCI-ders? There is a comment section. Use it and abuse it. You know in a snarky fun loving 3rd grader humor sort of way.

Shout out time, It was good to see: All the ole McCainiac... No Surrender, baby. No Surrender. And yes... so you all know, I'm retired. Don't be askin' me krazy questions, with a k.

The Yodas are in the house!

State leadership... the new SCC members... Wanda is here! the Wells'. Roger Hughes and the entire Hamilton County crew.

Miller-Meeks peeps, Teahen peeps, lobbyist peeps...

RPI crew... nice work tonight. Ray Ray Hoffman was here. Good to see you here!

The best Govs ever... Branstad and Ray.

One principle owners of the Barnstormers in the house.

Dr. G in the house. There are many more...

Stay tuned.