Alright, this really freaking sucks. Tim Russert has passed away at age 58. I think Emily at Battleground said it best… I gasped myself. I was just checking Drudge after finishing up some Quiznos… my jaw dropped. Then my bberry starts buzzing. It’s my other buddies… texts and emails. “Dude, Russert is dead. Can you believe it?”

Meet the Press was and always will be my Sunday morning routine. Get some eggs and bacon going. Crack open a few diet dews… and sit and watch. I know I have annoyed plenty of neighbors on Sunday mornings… basically me screaming at the TV, “Answer his f’ing question! Get ‘em Tim! Get get ‘em!”

That’s what I like about him. He wouldn’t let his guests off the hook. He was great. I finally got to shake his hand once at the McCain HQ, the night before the caucus. Now, I know staffers aren’t supposed to talk to press or act like a crazed fan… but it was very cool to meet him. I said the usual, “Welcome back to Iowa, Sir.” And he said, “Very glad to be here, wow, look at this crowd!” It was pretty cool… because not only was it great to meet one of your favorites… but it was kind of rewarding to have him comment on our crowd. That crap takes a lot of work.

Listen, I know he’s not everyone’s particular brand of vodka… but he is one of my all time favorites. My Sundays won’t be the same… betcha God puts him over in St. Peter’s department as a part of the interviewing process. “Mr. So and So… on August 27th, you said this in an interview with the Washington Post....”

Now, to sign off in true Russert fashion: “Go Bills! Beat the Jets!”