EDITORS NOTE: The following is a collaboration of thoughts from three anonymous loyal readers of QCI.
Ginormous thanks to the three writers. Seriously you rock.
The following is the transcript of the back and forth. Enjoy the great, but long post.

FOWLER: Welcome QCI-ders to the first ever QCI Primary Gameday presented by Tim Flanagan’s Restaurant and Lounge. Well, we’re here, in less than 12 hours, the polls open. They’ve been to your central committee meetings, they’ve been to your country fairs and parades. Now, it’s your turn to decide. Primary elections kick off tomorrow morning. I’m Chris Fowler, with me as always Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso. Gentlemen, welcome.

HERBSTREIT: It’s an electric atmosphere, Chris. All of the hard work. The new faces. The Grizzled grassroots veterans. It’s going to be fun to watch the results tomorrow night. Coach, what do you think?

CORSO: Fellas, it all comes down to this! We have some great races going on… Let’s get to the predictions!

FOWLER: Can’t argue with that Coach, let’s talk about the US Senate Primary. 3 candidates… Steve Rathje, Christopher Reed and George Eichorn. Now Rathje, in this race the longest, has stumbled. That prompted the entry of a Navy vet, who is reminding the activists of a certain Marine from Nora Springs. Christopher Reed has earned the nod of many of the hard core conservative activists… even the one Marine I just mentioned. Then, enter former State Representative George Eichorn, who has been and seems like the answer from the GOP establishment. Kirk, who do you like as a winner in this one and what’s your numbers?

HERBSTREIT: Chris, the real winner in this is Tom Harkin.

Crowd: Boooo!!!! Hiss!!!!

HERBSTREIT: I hate to ruin this show on the first race, but let’s face it. Here’s my question, what’s the over under on the winner of this primary raising $150,000 for the general? Eichorn 55, Rathje 25 and Reed 20.

Crowd Chanting: No More Harkin! (clap clap, clap clap clap) No More Harkin….

FOWLER: Ouch Kirk… Coach, your thoughts?

CORSO: Christopher Reed will win with 38% of the vote. You may have never heard of him but he will be on the ballot and you will know how to pronounce his name. No candidate is all that threatening to Harkin… In fact Harkin will be spending all of his campaign funds on local races. He already is. Just look at his website. The difference in the race tomorrow… Name ID! Nobody has any money but everyone can pronounce Reed. In a generic fight between a Reed an Eichhorn and a Rathje, a Reed wins every time, not by name ID – Name EZ.

Crowd: YEA!!!!! No More Harkin! (clap clap, clap clap clap) No More Harkin….

FOWLER: Interesting picks. I agree with both of you… either Eichorn or Reed, and a steep hill against Harkin. Our next race to preview, the 2nd District GOP Congressional. It’s been intense and fun to watch. The candidates, Miller-Meeks, Teahen… oh and yes Harder. Kirk, where do you see this landing?

HERBSTREIT: Let’s get real Coach, my ears still ringing from Harder screaming "God and Guns" during his Lincoln Day Dinner ramblings. Meeks gives us best shot to put this seat back in GOP column; BUT, with the NRCC in Washington flat broke and nearly three dozen GOP open House seats to defend, she's on her own for fundraising and campaign help ... Good candidate, bad year.

CORSO: Kirk, for once, we’re gonna agree. I believe in 3M! Mariannette Miller-Meeks! BUT, she’ll win in a close one with 41%. Big Mo is on her side and while her numbers are going up the frontrunner and favorite P. Tea is going down. I feel she is a raw talent, but will have the ability to scare Loebsack. Even in the event of a loss look for her political stock to rise and her abilities to improve all the way to November, just as it has through this primary season. I’m going 3M Chris!

Crowd: YEAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! 3-M! 3-M! 3-M….

FOWLER: So 3M is the consensus here. Good to see you two agree, even in a primary. Let’s shift gears here a little. The 3rd District Dem Congressional… Congressman Leonard Boswell and for State Rep and Guv candidate, Ed Fallon. Sparks have been flying and mud a slinging. Who do we like here?

HERBSTREIT: Sparks may have been flying… but that’s it. The Dem establishment saves GMLB… again. Boswell 59 and Fallon 41… my question is how much campaign money did Fallon hold back to ensure he still has a salary post June 3rd?

CORSO: Dems in the 3rd?!?!? WHO CARES! Boswell’s got it. BUT, not so fast my friends, here’s my pander pick of the day! Because I know G$ is reading these answers… I’m going with the other Dem primary. Kevin Miskell will win with 34% because he is from Stanhope, Iowa. G$’s favorite place to eat Watermelon. How’s that for a prediction!

FOWLER: Coach, nothing surprises us anymore. Now… Our final pick of the day… The Race of the Day… On to the Granddaddy of all of the GOP State House races. We go to the northwest part of Polk County. In a house district that makes ole G$ giggle when you say it. House District 69…

Crowd: (going freaking nuts) YEAAAAAH!!!!! 69! 69! 69! 69! 69! (now going into frenzy)

FOWLER: Looks like the race people here on the set have showed up to see. Erik Helland and Al Lorenzen. Young guy running against a basketball star. It’s been getting very heated as of late. Helland is calling himself the REAL Republican in the race… he may have a point… but those blue and green signs are everywhere , especially in the swing area of Johnston. I have heard reports of Lorenzen signs in Ankeny? Kirk what’s your gut?

HERBSTREIT: Chris, this is truly the Granddaddy of the State House races tomorrow. I’m going to sum it up with this… The Walt Tomenga Organization versus the Muscatine Mafia ... to paraphrase Sean Connery from the "Untouchables", “it’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight.” The Vanilla Gorilla should stick to sports.

Crowd: (goes into a bigger frenzy) YEAAAAAAAA! 69! 69! 69! 69!

FOWLER: Ouch Kirk! Ladies and gentlemen, the king of the snarky Mr. Kirk Herbstreit!

Crowd: (even louder) 69!! 69!! 69!! 69!!!

HERBSTREIT: Snarky or not Chris… it’s fundamentals, that’s how you win. Now, I’m going to step away here and let the ole Coach do his thing. Coach, you have a box under the desk here… who is going to win and who’s head do you have in there?

Crowd: (damn near rioting right now) 69!!!! 69!!!! 69!!!! 69!!!!

FOWLER: You just don’t mess with tradition, take it away Coach…

CORSO: House District 69 is THE most exciting races of the day! It will be won by the narrowest of margins 51%! Less than a 2% of the vote will win! Can I get a Recount! A lot of interesting facets to this race but in the end the good people of House District 69… ha ha… 69...

HERBSTREIT: You just couldn’t do it without a chuckle, huh Coach?

CORSO: No I can’t my friend. This is G$’s blog! Shout out G! The good people of HD 69 will go with the legit Republican and have great representation for many years to come. The winner will become a real power player atop Capitol Hill.

(Lee Corso slaps the desk, then grabs mascot head from underneath)



Crowd: (absolutely f’ing insane) YEAAAAAH!!!!! ERIK HELLAND!!! 69!!!! ERIK HELLAND!!!! 69!!!!!!!

FOWLER: That’s it from here. The results are up to you now. Check in after the polls close! Don’t forget to vote!