Hey QCI-ders. We’re back to some regularly scheduled programming, Here’s some real grade AAA randomnous that you can always count on from the World’s Most Crappiest Blog. A little sports… scoop… and all the rondomnous that’s fit to fill your Blackberry. Shall we proceed?

MARKETING GENIUSES – So… stopped in at Walgreens for a Diet Dew and smokes on the way in to work and saw a hilarious display. You know how stores will put different products together as a theme to make it a one stop shop… well today, this one, is for the books. The end cap display I saw this morning they put: assorted beer koozies, solo cups, aspirin and ping pong balls. Wish I took a picture.

LIVE FROM COUNCILTUCKY, IT’S COMMITTMEEMAN TIME! A source close to QCI had this report on the RNC Committeeman race out in Counciltucky last night:

We had a special treat at the Pott CC meeting last night. Both Sheffy and Roberts were there to make their case to about 50 activists on why they are the most suited for the RNC Committeeman position. Sheffy didn't hold back and neither did Roberts, but there were no outbursts. A couple of the CC members had never heard of either of them but told me later that there was certainly some tension in the room.

Good to see them both in the 5th campaigning for this one.

Nice report! Any QCI-ders who want to pass along eye witness events or scoop, just email me grantyoung72@hotmail.com. And just like Dragnet, anonymity guaranteed… to protect the innocent.

Love Joe Friday... back to the Countdown!

PORK INVADERS – You’ve probably already wasted an hour or 2 on this already… but if you haven’t, here’s “Pork Invaders” from the McCain Campaign. How much money can you save the taxpayers by destroying pork barrel projects? Post your scores in the comment section.

POWDER BLUE POWER – I know I’m probably making a blasphemous comment… but starting to think the Royals might want to move to the NL. On a 3 game winning streak in interleague play… oh yes, and we swept the Cardinals… in case you forgot. We get ‘em again this weekend. LET’S GO ROYALS! (clap clap, clap clap clap)

KNOCKED UP BY POTUS? Fly Over has a great read today about the bizarre story out of Goucester, MA. The Mayor sez, they’re all knocked up because of George W. Bush’s policies. You know… there are just some times there are some people who should a nice warm cup of shut the f--- up.

WAYNE FORD – Speaking of people who need a cup of shut it… Sporer is all over it. Seriously… there are enough issues of the day. You the floods, storms and all of the recovery needed… oh yea, you all ready chimed in on that, Mr. Ford. Maybe he’s pissed Cinderella and Warrant got replaced by Foreigner… no love for Night Ranger? I saw the article in the DMR and thought… are f’ing serious? And to sign off, here is Night Ranger, live in Tokyo… 1983.