Looks like we’re getting some chatter about yesterday's scorecard. As always, you can count on the World’s crappiest blog to find out scoop and make you a better insider. Have any more thoughts on this? Central Committee meetings, BBQ, hear something at a parade. Use and abuse Al Gore’s invention by emailing me the dish at grantyoung72@hotmail.com. You never know what you may get this blog... you may even get... A SWEATER!!!! On to the Countdown....

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST – Since QCI was the first one to break the news that Steve Scheffler is indeed running for National Committeeman… we thought we would dust off the QCI crystal ball and make a prediction or speculation.

Fly Over has a sneaking suspicious that our favorite bear wrestling and knife fighting Secretary of Ag is thinking about running for Governor. They may be on to something… but face it, anyone who is an elected official in the golden dome (except for the Gov himself) thinks about running for the state’s top executive.

Is Northey gonna do it? Not sure only he knows… if he knows yet. My guess is… he’s gonna stick to what he knows best because he is doing a hell of a job at it. In tomorrow’s post, QCI steps in with a sleeper candidate you haven’t heard yet. Stay tuned until tomorrow. Any of you QCI-ders want to take a guess? I have a comment section where you can speak out. Also, did you know the sun rises in the east?

STILL NOT CONVINCED IOWA IS NOT A BATTLEGROUND STATE? Both campaigns have opened State Headquarters in Iowa. McCain camp is back open in Iowa with a new state director, Charlie Liebschutz, an email from State Chairman Dave Roederer. Met him this weekend. He will do a great job. To get involved you can call the Iowa HQ at 515-418-9270.

QCI POLL – Still up and going. 69!! 69!! 69!! 69!!

SUPREME COURT GETS IT RIGHTHershel puts it best. 3 cheers for the Second Amendment! Dudes this is huge. RPI chimes in:

Today’s Supreme Court decision overturning the Washington, DC gun ban sent shockwaves through the presidential race in Iowa.

Barack Obama’s extreme, and now, unconstitutional position on the Second Amendment highlights his unfitness to be Commander-in-Chief. In 1996, while campaigning for the Illinois Legislature Barack Obama responded to a questionnaire indicating he supported banning the sale, manufacturing and ownership of guns. He is also on the record as supporting the Washington, DC gun ban.

“Iowans take their Second Amendment rights very seriously. Obama’s extremely liberal position on guns is just another example of him being out of step with a vast majority of Iowans,” said Stewart Iverson, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “The more Iowans get
to know Obama’s positions on issues like gun control, the fewer votes he will get in November.”

Well, sometimes… I guess it’s really hard to fake what you really are… just ask Dusty Bottoms.