Central Iowa is having dry weather.. for now...

LAST CHANCE FOR THE U of I - The Register has the run down on the serious threat to University of Iowa campus. The line of the day is, "This is our last effort." Which leaves QCI speechless and devistated.

DSM HANGING IN THERE - Officials are optimistic late last night in Des Moines... but alas, the levee on the Northside broke today.

Weekend Update is coming to you live from Jewell at Jewell Jubilee. I can report it has beautiful weather fro the annual event. 2 Feet Deep rocked on Main Street and the fireworks were great. Morning started with the parade of which QCI was honored to drive the 1964 Buik LeSabre for a 2nd year! Threw tons of candy...
Weekend Update is passing along some more scoop courtesy of Don Rachter and the Wednesday Group. If you haven't been, you should consider. It's a great meeting and you will get a good low down on what's going on with the movement. Want more information? Email Dr. Rachter at racheter@limitedgovernment.org.

ICA REPORT - Eagle Forum Founder Phyllis Schlafy will be in Iowa for two Iowa Christian Alliance House Parties. The eighth annual Friends of the Family Banquet will be held on Saturday October 4th with reception at 5 and dinner at 6. Keynote speaker is David Limbaugh, and Congressman Steve King will be the MC. Which means, Steve will be calling you soon.

RNC CANDIDATES REPORT - Sanday Greiner and Kim Lehman were there as candidates for Committeewomen. Scheffler is running for Committeeman

2ND AMENDMENT REPORT - The Iowa Sportsman’s Federation and the National Rifle Association will have a joint booth at the Republican State Convention. The “shall issue” law introduced by Clel Baudler never gained support in the D-controlled General Assembly. Given the humid weather we have been having, be sure your guns are clean, lubed, and coated with a rust protectorant.

PEI REPORT - There is still time to register and attend the Professional Educators of Iowa Annual Meeting which will focus on classroom management and which can be taken for continuing education credit. Victor McGuire, National Director of the Association of Beginning Teachers will be the featured speaker. For more information see www.peiowa.org

DR. RACHTER'S REPORT - The Public Interest Institute BRIEFS for June are “The Burden of Government” by Amy Frantz, “The Declining State of Higher Education” by John Hendrickson, and “A Healthcare Prescription for Iowa” by Jon Miltimore. The Institute’s quarterly for June, LIMITS, features two articles by Hendrickson “Tax Freedom Day: A Call for Tax Reform” and “Using Federalism to Reform Education: Reagan Style” as well as “Some Major Threats to Limited Government” by William Niskanen and “A Former NRA President’s Tribute to Charlton Heston” by Sandy Froman. For more information, go to www.limitedgovernment.org . Materials from Concerned Educators Against Forced Unionism were distributed by the Moderator. If you would like copies, contact him. Next meeting will be Wednesday, July 9th.

APC REPORT - American Property Coalition addressed the group about the threat to private property, our liberties, and the pursuit of happiness contained in the so-called “Clean Water Restoration Act” which is being pushed by Minnesota Congressman James Oberstar. The bill would substitute “waters of the United States” for “Navigable waters” in the 1972 Clean Water Act which would then give the feds the power to regulate wetlands, mudflats, sand flats, sloughs, intermittent steams, ponds, prairie potholes, and meadows. It would also insert the phrase “activities affecting these waters” making it a national land control bill and would overturn two recent US Supreme Court decisions in favor of land owners against federal regulators (SWANCC and Rapanos). Iowa Congressmen Boswell and Braley are on the committee with jurisdiction, so anything you can do to persuade them not to vote for this power grab would be most appreciated. Many groups on our team such as NTU, ATR, IFB, AFP, and NAM are opposed to this bill. For more information go to: http://www.americanpropertycoalition.org/

And to continue the tribute to Russert this weekend, we'll sign off with, Go Barnstormers, Beat Tulsa!