Before I get into a terrible post that is making me sick to my stomach, I want to tell my out of state readers, thanks for the calls, emails and texts. Obviously, I haven’t been hit or had any hardships because of the floods and storms. I have some friends and aquantances who have. I hope you keep them in your thoughts in prayers. Ain’t gonna lie here… Iowa is gonna need a comeback. It’s going long and rough. But I know the people of the state can and always will prevail. Because, dude, we’re Iowans, that’s how we roll. In honor and awareness for the victims, heroes, neighbors helping neighbors and everyone in between, I’m posting the “ANF” decal on the blog. Made famous by Hayden Fry during the Farm Crisis of the 1980s. It stands for “America Needs Farmers.” Not only does America need farmers, Iowans will need America. For support, prayers and a little help to rebuild. Now on to today’s garbage.

QCI-ders… this headline simply makes me want to vomit. But alas, if you have been monitoring the blogosphere for the last week, it’s happening. Call it a crossbreed of how polarized we are politically to politicians in general. This is what you get. Do I need to paraphrase Steve Forbes? “They are like bears in a honey jar, they simply can’t help themselves.” Forget the convention stuff, this disaster and this political environment is brewing up some pretty catastrophic warfare between and within parties. I hope all you QCI-ders join in the discussion on this one. Because as God as my witness, I am no policy wonk. Gonna need your help.

Let’s do a random run through of what’s out there:

BIG LUG – I’ll be honest. I think he is doing a good job in handling the situation. He has been visible and acting like what most Governors should in times like these. My only criticism is the new Flood Website: http://www.flood2008.iowa.gov/. It has the look of a re-election site. I’m sure people hit by the storms don’t care what his schedule is for the day... they are simply looking for help, not a press release. Other than that, QCI is giving you thumbs up so far Big Lug.

BIG LUG V. LEGISLATURE – This is an aftershock from the session. There’s no secret in the golden dome that the House Dem Leadership and the Gov’s office aren’t exactly golf partners on stag night. Whether it’s when to decide the special session and/or what’s next… the Guv’s office is telling the leadership, “Fellas, we’re working on something… we’ll get it to ya when were ready.”

$PECIAL $ESSION – It’s coming, only the good Lord know when… and when it does, here’s the real show down, how are you going to pay for it. Per Gronstal via Battleground, they would like to go into debt and simply borrow to rebuild Iowa. Yepsen is all over that. The last session increased the size of your state government up 20%. Word around Capitol Hill is they are looking for an opportunity to get their hands on more.

Quick question QCI-ders. Doesn’t it seem every session there is talk about the rainy day fund? (everyone nodding their heads… hmmm… yes…) Alright, we’re on the same page. Next question. Is it me or have we had some pretty freaking huge rainy days lately? (Yes G$, I’ve got 5 feet of f’ing water in my basement!) So, why aren’t we using it?

This has been out via Fly Country, but still intriguing to say the least. It’s important to note that in 1993, of the $1.4 billion spent on flood relief, the state paid $14.9 million. The Iowa delegation is working to secure funds, which produced this hilarious picture from State 29.

So $pecial $e$$ion huh? Go into debt and borrow, huh? Well, the Floods have washed away a lot. The waters are going down, but looks like there’s enough in the current to wash away your wallet as well. Stay tuned to this one. You heard it here first. What happens in the next 3 weeks will define the state house races.

STUFF THAT MAKES YOU GO… YOU’RE KIDDING ME, RIGHT?Hershel has a story today about Sen. Wally Horn. Sources close to QCI confirm it word for word. Oh, and Iowa News Liter serves up some pain on Wayne Ford here and here. And don’t forget the story from Rants himself last week as seen here on QCI. It’s towards the bottom of the post.

Hey, G$, what gives on this long and pointless random rant?

Dude… I have a case of TB (true believerism). Listen, it’s always the 10% of politics that makes it look bad. I get that. I just am a little disappointed in that… instead of keeping an eye on the goal here. Rebuilding Iowa. The factions are plotting strategy on the backs of people suffering. And, I’ll be the first one to tell you… both sides are doing it. (Sigh…) My hope is that we can figure out ways to rebuild and make Iowa better than it was before. Offer hand ups, not hand outs. How about putting moratorium on the taxes that help rebuild the state?

G$ what about all that revenue we will miss? Dude! Have seen how much shit we need to rebuild around here? Roads, levees, businesses and homes… I think you’re gonna be alright. And you’ll be doing the right thing. Who knows, there are some that may finally figure out… we really didn’t need those taxes anyway. They stunt growth. Might be a good idea to make ‘em permanent, aye? Oh, and to our State Leaders… guess what? The rainy day is here. Use the damn fund. This one couldn’t be more obvious than finding out that Chandler and Monica are indeed hitting it, ok? Did I just use a Friends reference? (Sigh…)

And now… cool off with the Foo Fighters with “Time Like These.”