Alright, enough of the sobbing over the Hoopty. The new Hoopty runs like a champ and it’s time to get back to doing what we do best here. Talk a little shop…

OVER AT 621 EAST 9TH – As reported just about everywhere, Caleb Hunter is the new ED at RPI. Congrats Sah-Leeb! Price and Uncle Ted have more details on that.

With county conventions coming and going… the buzz starts on the Party elections front. Steve Roberts is running for National Committeeman again. He’s a great representative for Iowa at the RNC. With Phyllis Kelly stepping down from her position as National Committeewoman, word on the street is that State Representative Sandy Greiner is running for the position. That’s awesome. Sandy rules. I think she would do a terrific job and will have big shoes to fill. Phyllis is a class act and has been a terrific National Committee Woman. No other buzz on district SCC races, yet. Will there be any drama on April 19th? Feel free to pass along any info, email is the wave of the future.

WARD vs. GREENE? (Updated) - I heard that the Dems had recruited Courtney Maxwell Greene (of WHO-TV fame) to run against Pat Ward for the western suburb State Senate seat. Are the Dems learning the Tami Wiencek effect? Not gonna lie, she would be a good candidate... if this is indeed true... it's not. Turns out she’s not gonna run. Pat Ward will cruise to another term... and the Republic is safe… Good news for the good guys. Thanks to a couple of sources who set the story straight.

I’M FLIP-FLOPPING – I have officially changed my position on cold weather. As a cold weather guy, I figured, you can always put on another jacket, right? Bring the heat back damn it!
HUCK IN RACE = GOOD – What? Yea, it is. Here’s why. Johnny Mac’s still getting his speeches in primetime on the news networks. And the race is refreshingly civil between him and Huck.

HICKORY PARK DEBATE – Forgot to post this article a while back by Jason King. Fire up your Hickory Park talking points! Great read and Jason you are right, Rachel Lea... humina, humina, humina. Also, who knew you could do a chicken wing tour in KC? Adam and Joe, get the schedule together and I’m in.

3RD DISTRICT SCOOP – Fallon v. Boswell is making this thing interesting. Call me crazy, but I think Fallon has a legit shot at knocking him off. He won the 3rd district in his run for Gov and is already making Leonard move to the left. Have you checked you mailbox lately? LB loves himself some franked mail…

Before you start speculating who’s going to run on our side… Jeff Lamberti is not interested in running. So who’s it going to be? QCI readers (we need to create a nickname for you guys ala Rome’s Clones)… what’s your thoughts?

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