HELP JERRY KICK CANCER'S ASS - A quick special announcement QCI-ders. Most of you know our good friend Karen Slifka’s Dad has been diagnosed with cancer. Here’s her ask for help:

Hi there. Most of you know that my Dad was recently diagnosed with a rare and advanced form of cancer. Your prayers and support over these last few months have been very helpful to my Dad and our entire family. Thank you.

Today my sister, Jodi, joined a “Relay for Life Team” with her colleagues and invited me to join. I think most of you know fundraising is not my calling – but if you are inclined please take a moment to contribute to this important cause by following the links below.

Jerry Slifka is one of the greatest guys I have ever met. Quick with joke and always ready sit down and swop stories over a few (or 10) beers. I’m linking this on the right hand side of QCI for now. But please consider giving a buck, $5 or the best you can. Here’s the link. Let’s help Karen out. Also, as most of you know, prayers always welcome… they work. Do what you can QCI-ders.

HUMPTY HUMP MAIL BAG – Alright we have reached the hump day of State Convention Week. No better way to celebrate than to do the Humpty Hump and answer some of your questions, comments and insults. Hence the name of the blog. So in no particular order of emails, texts and yes your snarky comments… here we go…

hey G--are you and blohan still on the fritz?” Not cool, she’s off the stuff now. You may call her Ms. Lohan. Yes, we remain friends. She’s had some stuff happen and with the old campaign schedules and now in midseason… there just wasn’t any time. That doesn’t mean there are still photos out there. You may get an Us Weekly soon…

“Why do you post so much Krusty?” He’s the ringleader. Usually if he’s writing about, people are talking about. Hershel, Battleground and Sporer usually set the subject of the day. Hershell has a great serious take when it comes to the scoop of the day. Mine is more of a… well let’s say if there was a healthcare forum in some race… I’d somehow try to make some fart joke out of it. What can I say, I’m just 30 going 11.

“I really wish you'd never mention Tim Russert's name on this blog again. He's number one on my list of people I'd beat the hell out of if I knew I would get away with it.” No love for Russert? Yikes man. Russert rules. BTW, I’ll write what I want on here. How’s that for a little snarks strike back! I think Russert's great.

“Is there a real Nathan Greene and Emily Geiger? I have heard Battleground Iowa is being ran by so and so.” Not sure? Although I have heard that allegation once or twice. Here’s my guarantee. The you stuff here, it’s from me. Unless it was a collaboration and such, I’ll tell ya. This blog has been kind of rewarding to write. Why would I spend time writing the crappiest blog ever… and not want a sitation or something… all I know is, Battleground writes some great stuff, and I'll leave it at that. Like I always say, trying to krack some sort of Krusty kode is so 2006...

“I did some homework last night in preparation for convention weekend.. I pulled Iowa Right to Life's tax filing. Just so happens 70% of the 2006 budget went to staff salaries...not helping Republicans. Check it out for yourself!” This one was from nichemomia of Rudd, Iowa (told you, I read my sitemeter). I call these blog carpet bombs. Why you ask? Because I saw this same comment word for word on other blogs' comment sections. It's a way to stir the pot. Um, the Iowa Right to Life isn't a special wing of the GOP, nichemomia. It's an advocacy group. Hence the name "right to life". They do have influence in the party because most Republicans are prolife. They will endorse Ds if they have a good prolife record. Hope that clears things up for you nichemomia.

Ask and you shall receive. By request and because QCI is totally about bandwagons and caving into the latest fads (does this mean I have to buy Crocs?) here’s your F’ING STORMS OF 2008 graphic header thinger.

INSTANT CLASSIC – Here’s a true story that is getting some buzz today via Christopher Rants:

The first meeting between candidates is always a little awkward. After all, this other person has decided your doing a poor job as an elected official and wants to take your job away. Maybe they attend one of your public forums, so the incumbent is aware that everything they say may be used against them.

Maybe the challenger bumps into you at the parade route, and you each look to see how many volunteers they other has with them. Either of those has to be better than what happened to Rep. Bob Kressig of Cedar Falls.

Bob was “touring” the flooding in his district with Sen. Danielson – decked out in shades, and polo shirts, thanking all the volunteers who were there filling and stacking up sandbags to protect people and property against the rising water.

And its there that Bob met his opponent, Carlin Hageman, for the first time. While Bob was “touring”, Carlin was with the rest of the volunteers sandbagging….

Pause for an uncomfortable moment of silence.

“Well, hello there….”

WAR RANTS! That hilarious... and true at the same time.

YOU SANDBAGGIN’ SOB - Well, we all might be sandbaggin’ SOBs soon. Here’s information that was sent to me concerning sandbagging efforts:

Polk County Emergency Management officials said Wednesday morning that so far they don't need volunteers to help with sandbagging efforts.

They said that there may be a large-scale volunteer effort necessary to respond throughout Polk County. Anyone interested in volunteering should begin registering now at www.unitedwaydm.org.

Volunteers will receive an email notification once opportunities and needs are made available. Residents without access to the Internet should call 211 to register their contact information. Once registered, volunteers will be contacted and should be available to report to the Volunteer Reception Center as directed. Once at the Center, volunteers will be screened, given an ID and deployed to various locations in the most urgent areas of need.

A Volunteer Reception Center is being set up to coordinate the volunteer response to the flooding emergencies in Polk County. The Volunteer Reception Center will be open from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm. beginning Wednesday, June 11. It will be located at the United Way Human Services Campus at 1111 9th St, Des Moines, IA.

You know what makes sandbagging fun? When you are doing the Humpty Hump…