THE GOOD NEWS – Water is going down. Iowa City crested earlier than expected… which means less damage to the U of I. Downtown Des Moines is coming back to life this week. The I-Cubs played a double header today. Slowly things are getting back to normal. The Northside is getting there. They are breaking levees today to drain the flooded areas as the river level is going down.

THE BAD NEWS – Cedar Rapids has a long way to go. Tempers are starting to flare. Just look at your front page of the DMR tomorrow. There is a great website set up for relief efforts in Eastern Iowa: http://www.corridorrecovery.org/. Has resources for victims and ways you can help. Check it out.

It’s been a while since I’ve used this header. But thought it might be appropriate given the recent weather and floods. There will be a lot of local joints that have been hit hard and face huge comebacks. Listen, I’m not saying the whole… buy a car, or the terrorists will win thing. I’m saying if one of your local joints has been hit, when they reopen, don't forget to show ‘em some love.

Back with a somewhat normal Countdown for you QCI-ders. Can I go on record for saying that last week, was about the crappiest of a week for the entire state? So, it was a great call to move the Convention this weekend, obviously. But there is another silver lining in the reschedule.

CONVENTION DRAMA – As the story built last week, all stuff we have talked about before. But, now, at least we have a month (hopefully) sooner to let cooler heads prevail. Krusty lead the way with this piece today. Fly Over offered this one that complemented Hershel’s very well. With so much at stake. Seriously guys and gals. Can I get anyone a Coca Cola?

QCI POLL STILL GOING - Vote early and often... some of you doubt me? Good to see most of the readers at QCI can relate to junior high humor. Rome salutes you.

RNC COMMITTEEMAN RACE – So I mentioned Scheffler as a candidate in a recent post. Steve Roberts is still running from what I am aware of. QCI has touched on this in the past, especially when it comes to the Iowa Caucuses. The NUMBER ONE PRIORITY of Iowa RNC members is THE FIRST IN THE NATION IOWA CAUCUSES. Nothing else. Absolutely nothing else. Because if we have that taken away… you want to know the only time Iowa GOP State Poobahs get to meet candidates? Oh yea, the National Convention. That is what is on the line.

And to close up today, because QCI is all about being educational today for a change, here’s Axel Foley of the Detroit PD who will show you how to foil a robbery in a strip club.