Alright, now for your nightly (or whenever you read this) dose of the randomness that is THE COUNTDOWN. I’m going to try to phase out the “F’ING STORMS” graphic header thinger… because, just sick of talking about and it’s time to move on. Not to say that there will be news and other stuff for it to be in use… just trying move ahead. Let’s get to it.

THE 17 TIME WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON CELTICS – Love it! Have you ever seen a smack down like the one we witnessed last night. Ray Allen are you kidding me man? The dude couldn’t miss. This was a fun series to watch. Oh and a little Des Moines Celtic trivia for you. Tim Flanagan, owner of the best restaurant and lounge… ever, owns 1 share of the Boston Celtics. (I know I have mentioned this before) It is proudly displayed behind the bar. But, did you know, because of his share that he bought in the late ‘80s… he still receives $5 check or more throughout the year. Dude, Tim, why would you cash it! Very cool. It was the perfect place to watch the Celts crowned again… but, it’s the perfect place for anything in my opinion.

NICE WORK DAD! – In case you missed, I guess the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. Here’s my pop’s letter to the editor in the DMR yesterday:

Instead of worrying who smokes what and where, the Iowa Legislature and governor need to refocus on the rebuilding of Iowa's infrastructure. While they dabbled with such petty projects, our foundation continued to crumble and erode. It's time to refocus on the 3 "R"s: roads, rivers and rails.- Rick Young, Jewell

CITY GOVERNMENT 101 - Mayor Cownie special powers are done. From city hall:

"As of 3:25 P.M. today, Des Moines Mayor T. M. Franklin Cownie signed a withdrawal of the Proclamation of Public Emergency that had been enacted due to the flooding of the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers. "When the Proclamation was signed certain powers were given to the Mayor because of the state of emergency that existed. After reviewing the current situation in Des Moines in all respects, Mayor Cownie has deemed it prudent to withdraw the Proclamation of Public Emergency and return to normal governing procedures."

Don’t know if this was totally QCI worthy, but my inner political science nerd thought it was interesting.

TUNE IN THIS WEEKEND – Passed along via IPTV, Secretary of Ag Bill Northey is going to have a knife fight with Dave Yepsen, Dean Borg and Mike Glover… calm down. Just kidding. He’s on Iowa Press this weekend. No knives are involved… at least that’s what the Germans would want us to believe.

POLL ROLLS ON – And QCI-ders are hilarious… 69!! 69!! 69!! 69!!

And because Krusty hands out a shout out, I send it back with one of my all time favorite G n R songs ever. Here’s Axel and crew live at the Ritz in 1988… CRANK THIS SOB UP!!!!