A special QCI Father's Day to my favorite motorhead, my Dad.
Who this week took one of his boyhood dreams off his list. Ever since my Dad was a kid, he's been reading Hotrod Magazine. Now through the years from his secret drag racing career (not known to my grandparents until my parents were engaged), to his full restoration of his pride and joy the 1963 Buick LeSabre and some great bonding times with his sons at a NHRA event (as seen above)... I grew up with a motorhead for dad.
His gearhead dreams came full circle when he convinced the Hotrod Magazine Power Tour to make a morning pitstop in Jewell (God's Country), Iowa. Over 2,000 dream machines cruised, stopped... and even did some burn outs on Main Street. To cap it all off, he met the Editor in Chief and the top brass of the magazine he has loved... ever since he laid eyes on it at the barber shop in Stanhope as a little boy.
Now as many of you know, one of the greatest places to hang out that I know (though mechanically challenged myself) is my Dad's garage. It's a sanctuary and a place to swap stories over a Milwaukee's Best Light or a Diet Coke when working on an important project. It's where I hang out in the summer with my pops. Where we will discuss the top political story, match up how the Chiefs are going to do, or Dad showing off his latest plans for the garage, or checking out the new cool stuff he picked up. You just can't beat it.
So, here's to many more garage sessions. Here's to tons of more NHRA events. Happy Father's Day Dad. I'm so proud of all of the things you've accomplished... even if I still couldn't change my own oil if my life depended it! :)
Oh and since there's no drag racing on today... check out these oldies but goodies. Love ya, Grant.