Hawks, Beans, Hawks... & Urgh...

OK... What a weekend... highs and lows... and sore legs. Dayam.

Well lots of highs all weekend... then of course... we always end low on Sundays here at QCI HQ... but no surprises there... its gonna be like that for a while... so lets get to the ups and downs of random here from the World's Crappiest Blog....

WHOAH - The Mighty Hawks weren't so mighty on Friday... South High lost to Gilbert... of all of them... Gilbert... 39-7. Not good. Yikes... not to go all geezer on you, but that's what we used to beat them by back in the day... Oh well, at least we beat Story. That's what really matters.

THE BEAN WALKER WEDDING - Woot! Our favorite peeps and loyal QCI-ders got hitched this weekend! Woot! Congrats to the Albrechts... they got some cool coverage in the Politico and SC Journal... The editor here at QCI is on pain pills from sore dancing legs... Great party and again Congrats! #goodjoboutofyourtwo

HEART ATTACK HAWKS - For real, the Hawkeyes have to quit doing this. Oh and I am saying that for personal reasons... I know that this is the way it is this season... but dayam. We'll take the win against Meeesh - EEE - gan... but not sure its good for your health.

QCI CHIEFS WRAP - Urgh... double urgh... triple urgh... Speaking of things that are bad for your health... The Chiefs... We'll be patient. You have to be. We're believers... and this pain will turn goood some day... here's a few random thoughts on the dubbed "Game That Never Was"...

- The game was dubbed "The Game That Never Was": Because of the Chiefs wearing the Dallas Texans unis. The Late Great Lamar Hunt always wanted to play the Cowboys when the franchise was in Dallas, but never happened and they moved to KC.
- Alumni Day: Holy smokes... it was very, very cool to see all of the former Chiefs on field... took me back... back to where we were winning... Dick Vermeil, Saleauma, Neil Smith... man. It was great to see those guys... wish they were playing.
- Offense: Finally... finally there are signs of life. Cassell was clutch in the end of regulation. We need speed for the bomb though.
- Heartbreak: Damn man... we almost had it. Good news is we were in it until the end. Good thing the guys at the 5th and 6th Floors always walk you off the ledge.

Oh and what's with the Neil Smith and Dale Carter pic? Um, the swing man... Carter just gets in by being in there... probably got a flag for him shooting off his mouth... which is what he does...

Now for some tunes.... a little somethin somethin to shake your booty... I'll let you guys do that... and I'll wait until these pain pills kick in... dayum.