Barney Coopersmith invented the rotary engine...

Hello QCI-ders... and welcome to many new readers... don't worry if you're not getting all the jokes... puns... and other worthless knowledge you'll read here. Even the most seasoned veteran QCI readers still have know idea what we're actually trying to say. I think they just humor us.

Anyhoop... stuff is burning up lately... so... We thought we'd stop and take a break... you know... and throw out some random thoughts... things on our mind... and then you are going to get to watch a super bad ass video... how cool is that? I KNOW!

I no particiular order...

- Why at every single political event... it gathers the Legion of Dudes with Really Crappy Ties? For real... I rarely wear a suit... but I know to stay away from the "4th of July puked on my tie, tie"...
- Phil Collins, Hall and Oates, Huey Lewis and the News are the most UNDERRATED artists of all time.
- People who aren't on Twitter because, "They don't get it"... are like when I used to not eat mushrooms and olives... and say I disliked them... because I never tried them.
- Being a Chief and Hawkeye fan is bad for your mental and physical health... what ever Cub fans... Child please is what that gets you.
- We have great candidates for Governor... although there are some who should drop out.
- Listen up campaigns... quit suggesting your fan page to me. Over and over and over. If I am a fan of you... I'll hook it up. This is your final warning... and I'm talking to you peeps in the 2nd Distirct... Stop it. Now.
- Speaking of... just because you got a ton of fans for your campaign Facebook page... don't mean you're winning... that's being lazy.
- Are we the only ones who think Kanye might have had a point? I mean, Beyonce makes a good video. Plus we can thank him for the best meeting interruptions... OF ALL TIME!
- If things were only really this easy... this has got to be one of the coolest letters... evar. I mean... genius...
- We'll say it... and finally admit it... Never got the whole Sarah Palin thing. Sorry... just never did... oh and she'll never be President of the United States. Sorry, but the truth hurts.
- If you are, say 32 years old... and try to dance like you are 19 years old... you are going to be required to revisit your high school football pregame stretch routine... or you will be crying to your doctor for pain pills for the next few days... trust us on this.
- People who let politics control every single portion of their lives... are sad people.
- There is a crazy bad and a crazy good.
- Making popcorn on the stove will beat the microwave everytime... well if you know how to make it I guess... because if your burn it on the stove... yeah... not so good.
- Cable news is over rated... I trust the Twitter.
- If you have the same speaker at your annual dinner... for like 3 years in a row... you can quit calling them a "special guest".
- Oh and judge us all you want... but the Bee Gees are pretty good way to start your day...

OK... we'll have more another time... but yo! QCI-ders... Peep this entire video... So. Freaking. Good. It's off the chain!