Bill Maas is the man... Oh and there's a Guv race too.

Bill Maas. Bill frigging Maas. Humor me QCI-ders... just go with it. Anyways... Wow... you see MNF last night? Holy smokes! WILDCAT! Roar! (sorry we're dorks). So after a great game last night.... we awake to breaking news, eye brow raising Tweets and Facebook chatter... Lots of movement today... so let us take a look at this in a very random way.

BRANSTAD BUZZ - He's thinking of running again?! Wha? Huh? Shut the front door... really? (huge smirk) And per an early story on TIR/C-Raig and a release Rich Schwarm just sent me this morning... Jeff Boeyink is headed over to Team Branstad. Big catch and great pick up.

DRAFT WHAT'S HIS NAME FOR GUV - So Sandy and the gang are gonna have to change their name or something... as we caught early in the HQ, half awake listening to NPR.... (oh come on, don't judge us... we dig it more for the jazz afterhours... sigh) And they did... per releases... its now called NextGenPAC... Oh and BTW... the IDP better find better hits than this... kinda weak. But at least everyone is getting a nice little lesson in state campaign laws... bleh...

CRANK UP THE OLD AXES TO GRIND - So... this is gonna be a trend... so pay attention here QCI-ders... Former Watch Dog Dick Johnson is now the new attack dog for BVP... this is nothing new here. Him and TEB used to butt heads back in the day. Watch for other "back in day rivals" to step in. This is one of the unique challenges Team Branstad will face... as well as a full throttle assault from IDP... stay tuned.

SPREAKIN OF BVP - Bobby V got an interesting endorsement from the Prez of the IA/NE NAACP. Marriage issue tipped the scales for Rev Ratliff. The dude voted for Culver in '06. Interesting endorsement indeed... we'll see how many GOP primary votes this produces... that said... he did get some press. Press is press, but will there be new votes? Hmm...

FACEBOOK/TWEETS - So as we chug the 3rd cup of Dunkin Donuts... the crew here at QCI is always fascinated by the chatter. Status updates... posts... and tweets. In the era of "manufactured political outrage"... sometimes we wonder. But having been there and done that, our crew knows the difference.

WHAT ELSE? So all Guv race all the time? Hmmm... not sure... We see Rants is still hitting the road hard... Fong kinda tweets... The others showed up at Polk County Sunday... So when will there be a "Seperation Saturday"? You know... when is the game changing day? Thoughts? What's the event/release/endorsement that will be the game changer? It will be soon. This thing is getting hot...

DUDE, WHAT UP WITH BILL MAAS? - Oh you shouldn't even have to ask. I mean... Bill Maas is awesome. Best camps we ever attended. Plus, he used to be married to Dan Marino's sister... yea, he's a Pitt guy. Great nose tackle. Great dude. Anyways... he's one of our favorites... we're very random... and yeah... its Bill frigging Maas! Man, we wish he was still playing.

So... Lots of stuff burning up out there... there's more to come... but need a little boost for the day? Here's a little somethin somethin... Do yourself a favor and crank the gift of flavor that is the Urge. So. Friggin. Good!