Golf clap? Golf Clap...

" ...and the air is perfect for drinking." (dayum... another good one.)

Sup QCI-ders... kind of getting back at it after getting the crud for a day or so... but that don't mean while we sip on some juice... and get out chicken noodle on, that we don't waste the funk on the nasty dunk now, do we? Ah hell no.

Now... my fine feather friends... we are a week since Gov. Branstad announced he's retiring from DMU. Retiring means he still gets to use the tread mills when he needs to. Anyhoop... we thought there might be some sort of seperation Friday... but... not so much, well not yet. All of us here at QCI HQ aren't leaning for anyone yet... why? This thing is just getting started... its too much fun watching from the cheap seats...

BRANSTAD IN - So yeah.. he's basically in... (and did you know that the Pope is still indeed Catholic?) it's just a matter of roll outs and events. We dig his commitment to hit all of the counties... he's gonna have to show us the way he campaigns... still known as one of the best campaigners... we'll see if he's still got it.
INBOX IS FULL - Yea... other news learned about Team TEB? He's in for the RPI Event in November. That announcement means?... Yeah, dozens of County Parties are calling everyday asking him to show up at their chili supper... and you know you won't win the county if you dont show up! (huge smirk) ...good luck!
WHEN BOBBY V ATTACKS - Interesting attacks this week from Team BVP. Party unity one... yeah that one was coming... um, endorsing nonparty rep candidates? Oh and tons more attacks... Hmmm... we find all of these interesting because (someone else said this too... help with the site QCI-ders...) that the whole premise from the beginning of the Trilogy was that TEB inspired or encouraged BVP to run back in the day... correct us if we're wrong...
GOOGLE-RANTS VERSION 1.0 - Now... the most clever attacks at the newcomer to the race comes from what we like to call "The Newt Gingrich" of the Party here in Iowa... Christopher Rants. Why Newt? For real... he's one of the smartest guys in our roster. Knows the ins and outs of all this stuff... anyhoop... this Rants Google thing was a good hit this week. (hey at least he's doing this with his name on it and not some annonymous email, flyer or Twitter account)... But the challenge for Rants is now that's he's all attack all the time now... but its early... we shall see.
UM G$, THERE ARE OTHERS RUNNING - Child please... they kissed the baby a long time ago...
ORGANIZATION - Alright... the nitty gritty of all this stuff we dig here at QCI. Right now... and not completely surprised... the lead here goes to BVP... because of two factors... 1) this is 3rd run 2) he inherited most of the Hukamaniacs... We haven't seen much else from the rest of the crew. Sure there has been some hires... and big donations... but other than that? Ziltch. Yeah, we know its early... but c'mon son. Most of these dudes have to have peeps doing something... other than the ones from their home towns... that don't count. OK, it does... but that's like me getting peeps in Jewell to endorse me... just saying.
ROXANNE - She really wants to run against everyones Twittering Senator. I say they let her.
PAY CUT - So... let me get this straight... Governor Culver said he would cut his pay 10%... I guess he had his fingers crossed or something when he said that... then he wasn't... then he's like, "Oh OK, yes, yes I am cutting it a full 10%." The Big Lug has successfully turned himself into both of President Bush's general election opponents. With his fuzzy math he was against the 10% pay cut before he was for the 10% paycut. Next.

AND FINALLY... Get your Friday morning and weekend started right with a little Seger... Crank it mofos!!!!!!