Kind of enjoyed the format of yesterday… let keep at it…

RAIDERS – Lane Kiffin is out at Oakland… here’s the deal… there are 2 organizations in the world that become 500% better when their leader dies… Fidel Castro in Cuba and Al Davis with the Oakland Raiders…
BASEBALL – Alright…So we have the postseason set up ready… Anyone rooting for some Chicago on Chicago action in the World Series? I don’t know if the Windy City can handle it… but, would be an interesting showcase for their Olympic bid.
NO ZIMA IN UTAH – Not that’s the first thing you think about when rolling to Utah… but if you feel like a Zima… you’re gonna have to bring your own.
NO LINKY – So I forgot to post the link of some revamped logos… courtesy of ESPN. It’s a few weeks old… but still cool.
THE BAILOUT – A buddy of mine passed along an observation about Monday’s vote: “I wonder if some witchdoctor is opened Congress with the grunting invocation: "Smell of burning money -- pleasing to the Gods!"
DINOSAURS – Checking it out tonight… wonder how big the leashes are for those monsters… bet they’re made out of some heavy material.
DEBATENice one Presidential Commission… my cousin’s puppy can pump a pillow better than you can recover a fumble like this friggin’ mess that only can be the product of lightweight beltway hacks…
MORE ON THE BAIL OUT – Alright… I am a self admitted non-economist. But everyone is talking Frannie this and Freddie that… maybe this has been said already by some late night host somewhere… but is anyone thinking this thing is a really twisted geeky Mother Goose story? “The Story of Frannie and Freddie”… except this is one of those where all the King’s men couldn’t put them back together again?
OLD BAYLove the stuff… although, my pals out East have enjoyed it for years.
FOR THE DO IT YOURSELFER – You good with your hands? (not like that…. sickos) Nah, do you build stuff? Live in a fixer upper? If you don’t use this place already… learn it. ReStore. Cheap hardware… lumber… and everything in between. And you’ll helping a good cause and be just a little greener.
AGAIN – Just listened to the Big Show. Let me answer this for everyone. No, John McCain does not support subsidies. That included ethanol… and anything else that receives subsidies… oil, ect. He believes in renewable sources of fuel and energy… it’s a national security issue. If you have any other questions… email me.
MORE SPORTS ART BRAIN CANDY – Dudes… this goes out to you hockey fans. Check out Icethetics. You can literally get lost on this site… it’s that good.

AND FINALLY… your tune of the day…