DEBATE – What’s everyone thinking? No real sparks… no harm done.
QCI-DERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Aye ohhhhhh!!! Well, let’s not all start patting our backs at once… it seems the folks down in Arkansas had a change of heart. Another day… another email to fill the slushy puppy fund over at Huckamania… from the email:
Greetings, Team—
We are one month from the elections and as of today, the poll numbers indicate we have our work cut out for us. Americans are angry. VERY ANGRY. The recent bailout controversy has only stirred the seething rage that is bubbling up among taxpayers.
“Greetings, Team-“? Much better than “Dear Huck PACkers”. Well done… and now the Republic is safe.
SPEAKING OF EMAILS – If you are an activist… you get like what… 10 to 15 a day from PACs, Funds, also rans and never will be's, right? I’m kind of fascinated with emails… at least from a campaign/hack perspective. Somedays I wonder… does anyone really read this crap? Yes. Why would they send them?
SPEAKING OF EMAILS IN MY INBOX – I’ve received a couple of emails in the ole QCI Mailbag this week about the pictures posted here lately. You can put your tin hat down slowly… there’s no hidden meanings or anything like that. Just pictures I think that are cool. From random artsy things, to logos, ect. Just little confessions from a former art geek. You don’t like ‘em? Let’s all say it together QCI-ders, “Get your own f’ing blog!” Very good kids!
ANOTHER MILESTONE – Dudes… we cleared 18,000! Woot! And double woot!
IT’S NOT THAT BAD – People really need to have a Coke and smile… seriously. Don’t let the jerks in the media tell you otherwise.
VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN – Hey QCI-ders! Help Aplington-Parkersburg win $25,000 by voting for them at this link… and be sure to vote in a very Chicago way…

AND FINALLY… Another classic… since I’m going into a KIOA mood… ladies and gentlemen… welcome Tony Orlando!