MASTER! MASTER! Alright… so we’re still counting down to Sunday. I really can’t wait to hear the new songs played live from the Death Magnetic album… which is slowly but surely becoming my new favorite. Could even rival the Justice album with me… “GASP!!! WHAT!?!?!?!” Yea dudes… it shreads so well. But I would have to say they are at a tie right now. Do youself a favor and crank “My Apocalypse”… Holy Hetfield that thing is awesome… but let’s get back to the scoop of the day….

Today we are going to what many call the best Metal album of all time Master of Puppets to discuss our scoop of the day. As Radio Iowa is reporting… Chris Hagenow is getting hit on federal issues in a mail piece hitting the west suburbs… courtesy of Damage, Inc. (aka the Iowa Democratic Party) um… he’s running for STATE House… but nice try.

Basically… they are citing the State Republican Platform to stretch this more than a size 7 and a half hat on my larger than large noggin. And they use the Polk County GOP Site as a source. Which… unless I’m completely slow… I’m having a hard time finding the party platform on there. They have a worse works cited than any paper I turned in at the U of I… and that’s saying something… like they don’t care about the truth… just get it out.

But the Dems should becareful what they wish for… do they really want folks to examine their platform? You wanna talk about bizarre platforms… how about riding the fence on Israel? They are the Master of Puppets…

“What do you mean Master of Puppets G$” Look at Hagenow’s opponent, mayor of Windsor Heights, Jerry Sullivan. I’ve seen some of his ads… they are running him as the middle of road, good guy thing on TV. We’ve seen this in the past 2 cycles… moderate Dems… probably would vote our way a couple of times… but the Master of Puppets in the dem State House Leadership will be, to paraphrase, “…pulling his strings, twisting his mind and smashing your dreams.” See also the smoking ban votes, right to work, ect… their candidates deep down will want to do the right thing… but then, the Masters will remind them how they got elected… and then they will “Promise only lies…” And then “laughter, laughter… all you’ll hear and see is laughter… laughing as our state budget cries….”

So there you go… the House Democrats… the REAL Master of Puppets… hit it boys…