POLLS – Received an email from a loyal reader yesterday. He was kind of depressed about polls and the direction of the campaign. Hershel alluded to that a couple days ago. Anyhow… you see this poll that says this, another that says that… and you get Chuck Todd announcing the election is over. The loyal reader said we should post the following video in regards to Barack Obama… and all of those polls out there... Enjoy:

While everyone else is going doom and gloom… I also want to remind you that it was a year ago that NO ONE thought McCain could become our nominee… except for some folks over on 70th and Hickman in Urbandale that is.
I THINK WE FIGURED IT OUT – We are not the smartest strategists here at QCI… we admit that. And we know how uber annoying when someone comes up to you (as a staffer) and tries to solve all of this issues you could use some work on in you respective campaign… but we have a solution with twentry some days to go… LET JOHN MCCAIN, BE JOHN MCCAIN. That’s how he won the nomination.
THE FLY BOYSOur buddies knocked one out this morning… check out the freak show. They make a few good points…
SPEAKING OF SAID POST – Yea, QCI caught a little of the Reed interview last night on Deace… Today’s post by the Fly Boys… all points are dead on… Hey, we kind of liked you Mr. Reed during the primary… you lost us with suits… you broke an unwritten code someone should have told you about… see also Alan Keyes.
HOCKEY SEASON IS HERE – Anyone catch opening night of the NHL?
SPEAKING OF HOCKEY – Here’s Hockey Blog in Canada. They get their name from the “Hockey Night in Canada” which would be our version of Monday Night Football.
FOR YOUR INNER SPORTS ART GEEK – Keeping in with the Canadian theme… here’s some stuff from designer Roger Edwards.

AND FINALLY… With all the doom and gloom out there in the media… we busted out yet another great KIOA hit from the Buckinghams… love the Buckinghams…