Updated with another in the MUST READS...

LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY! Can you believe it? Can it
end any sooner? That’s the real question. So while we are in the final week… stuff tends to be more like camping… intense. Wait a minute… oh… you got it. Let’s jump in the QCI Millenium Falcon and cruise around the blogs that have got you covered… and other stuff.
JARED ALLEN IS RIGHT – The No Fun League, NFL for you folks in Story City, is kind of getting trigger happy with the fines as Jarad Allen speaks out. I wonder when the NFL will fine the Chiefs for having such a shitty team.
MUST READS OF THE DAY – The following are QCI-der Required Reading… get a fire hose… the blogosphere is on fire.
MUST READ #1 – In case you haven’t read it yet, and judging by the comments you have, Smoker Hating Emily at Battleground has a scorcher on the National Committee Woman situation. She’s making good points with both barrells firing.
MUST READ #2 – Fly Boys are off the hook today… as they have been all year. First, if you aren’t reading the Daily Dope… you’re on crack for not reading it. Today’s is like Mr. Pibb and Red Vines… crazy delicious.
MUST READ #3 - D. Chung at HawkeyeGOP is getting some attention for his post on the same issues Smoker Hating Emily is talking about. The grassroots is chirping QCI-ders... don't believe me? Just look at the comments.
MUST READ #4 - KRUSTY V. GREENWHO – Looks like there a few frustrated campaign staffers who have been ivading Krusty lately… don’t blame them. I mean, when you’re gonna lose… as we called the race with no precinct reporting for Latham last week, I’d do something to relieve the anger.
NOT SO MUST READS - So the Des Moines Register is Bat Shit Crazy again... let's breakdown the endorsements of the last couple of days...

GREENWHO? A chance to make history? By electing a woman? What about Miller-Meeks?
GMLB - So they went with GMLB, or Gay Marriage Leonard Boswell... 'cause he loves shimself some gay marriage, but if you read it... it's more of an unendorsement.
THEN WHAT'S HIS NAME - Then they endorse who ever is running against Steve King.

So what are these good for? You can use these endorsements for the liner of your bird cage, litter box, to cover your table when painting science projects... or make a huge paper mache head for the Gameday Countdown...


“So and so is… recalibrating my level of ironic detachment.”

Long words, amazing results. Nice.

Close honorable mention:
“Someone else is… wondering how to achieve FB status of the day at QCI.”
QCI-ders are taking over Facebook and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. Strong effort. Like real deal Holyfield strong.

AND FINALLY… Jonesin’ for some good vibes? How about some Good Vibrations… check out this vintage video…