BLOGGERS OF THE WORLD UNITE – Sometimes, the center right blog world in Iowa is a lot like an ‘80s teeny bopper movie… the dorky kid (QCI) , his happy go lucky smart alack sidekicks (the Fly Boys) and the innocent nice girl who turns hot at the end of the movie (Smoker Hating Emily) teamed up to spread the lurve above the contest for money for A-P… they are still leading, big time. And since we like to run up the score in ways Bobby Bowden used to… KEEP VOTING. Does this mean that Krusty is the cranky old guy mentor to the dorky kid? Hmmm… “You kids go ahead to the dance… I’ll just stay home…” Hell yes! Hershel joined in on the fun too!
DMR HAS SOME FUNNY CRAP SOME TIMES – As an out of state buddy of mine told me… “Who knew they did irony in Iowa? So… this bus driver for the Metro Transit received an award for safety the other day per an article in the DMR. The dude had 8 accidents. When they say don’t ride a train in DC after a certain hour… they say look out for those f’ing buses here in DSM.
OH CRAP – We are about to lose my favorite Iowa Constitution trivia questions. No!!!!!!!
WHEN VOTER FRAUD IS KINDA FUNNYLooks like the folks at ACORN… are getting busted. Who do these guys think they are? For crying out loud, it’s like the guys I traded football cards in grade school are committing voter fraud… the Dallas Cowboys starting lineup… totally fool proof.
HEAR ME NOW AND BELIEVE ME LATER – Alright… I’m sick of this being a story… so let’s set it straight… John McCain will win Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia. He just will… don’t spin me.
SIGH… OVER IN THE HIGH SCHOOL HALLWAY – Looks like some battle wounds are hard to heal. What makes for some funny chatter sometimes… still gets a little old. Just check out the Sharks and the Jets over at Krusty… sigh… although, I have to admit… I’ll still read it.
IN CASE YOU ARE KEEPING TRACK… Today is QCI’s 150th post… does this mean I get to have a sesquicentennial parade, a beer tent and beard growing contest? Someone try to stop me!

AND FINALLY… Still going KIOA on you… here is one of my personal favorites… Jay and the Americans…