Start the music… What a great weekend, huh? Really awesome temps and your Kansas City Royals staying a top of the AL Central after week 1 of the MLB season… WOOT! Powder Blue Power baby! So after a long weekend of being outside, maybe some grilling, a little hoops and drinking beer your garage without having to turn on the turkey heater, I give you the Weekend Update.

OVER AT 621 EAST 9TH - With District Conventions coming up on April 19th and the NFL Draft the following weekend... I thought we might put together a sort of a preview of the State Central Committee (SCC) race. You know, there are tons of NFL Draft previews everywhere… but know SCC preview? While I’m no Mel Kiper, Jr. and I have no Big Board per se… here’s some stuff I have heard and confirmed along the way… so let’s call this SCC Buzz…

1st DISTRICT - Congressional Candidate, former State Chairman and political guru, Brian Kennedy is rumored to be running. He’ll be a tough hand to beat. Also, Dan Nicholson is out… not running again. And word on the street is Don Hulsizer from Dubuque is thinking about running.

3rd DISTRICT - Things are interesting. Steve Scheffler is running again. Former state co-chair Gopal Krishna is running as well as Polk County GOP Women President Mary Ann Spicer.

2nd DISTRICT - Not hearing much out of the 2nd… is the 1st stealing all the drama from eastern Iowa? Or is the hot primary action good enough for you guys?

5th DISTRICT - Donny Boy at Cyclone Conservatives has some good scoop on the upcoming State Central Committee race. Nice. Monte Shaw is a great candidate for the SCC. He was on the campaigns of Jim Ross Lightfoot, Elizabeth Dole, and Chuck Grassley. Mostly on senior levels. His experience would be a great asset to the SCC

4th DISTRICT - Someone get me a Hypercolor T-Shirt… because it looks like some blasts from the past are running. Finally, we have a new face running out in the 4th, Waukee City Councilman and great activist Isaiah McGee is running. He’d make a great member to the SCC. You want to know the kind of funny thing about this scoop? All 3 incumbent members of the 4th District (Matt Randall, Bonnie Hall and Larry Smith) all are running again… but all have endorsed Isaiah. How does that work?

NATIONAL COMMITTEE PEOPLE - And as far as we are concerned… we’ve already talked about that… no new news on that end. Sandy Greiner and Steve Roberts should cruise come state convention.

Well, that’s all we know for now. Will we see Chairman Iverson at the podium on the 19th down at 621 East 9th every 15 minutes or so to declare… “In the first round of the draft, the 4th District selects…”? Followed with the cheers and jeers of fans? No so likely. These folks are elected by delegates. So the cheers, jeers and the drama that is party politics will be in Carroll, Fort lauderDodge, Grinnell, Dubuque and Iowa City.

Although… sometimes… these conventions look and somewhat like the following video: