NEW BLOG ALERT – Hey, I’m probably way behind on this one… but I found Ed Tibbett’s blog from the QC Times. As mom always says, “Grant, you were born on time and have been late ever since.” Check it out if you haven’t already.

DAY 103? LEAVE ALREADY! Anyone else think ending this legislative session sooner rather than later is a good idea? F’n aye John Deere right they should get done as soon as possible. The longer they are in Des Moines, the more damage is being done.

Word on the street is telling me they are doing their best to get out of that friggin’ dome… this afternoon. And might I add my formal good bye to the 2008 legislative session, in the immortal words of one of my former bosses: “Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya.”

How am I going to celebrate the end of the “worst general assembly for business since 1965”? Where else do I go? My usual… except, I hear they may be opening a casino. CASINO SMOKNG JULY 1st! Nice work Flanagan!

The mumbling and rumbling has started to begin a little bit with the general public… per the effects of the 2008 session and the Governor’s agenda… Anyone catch that Big Lug is at 49% disapproval? Click here for details.

I have run into some average Joe 12 packs out there who are starting to get a little outraged…

My hope is that after Labor Day… more and more people will feel like the guy in the video below. Need a reason to take back the majority? I didn’t give you the reason this time, they did.