From the Des Moines Register’s Iowa Ear:

Rep. Wes Whitead jumped up onto a table at the Iowa Capitol and danced for fellow Democratic lawmakers during a closed-door meeting last week.

The jig by Whitead, a 75-year-old Sioux City resident, was in celebration of a candidate Democrats think could beat House Minority Leader Christopher Rants, a Republican from Sioux City.Rants is a frequent thorn in the sides of Democratic lawmakers, and Whitead had previously told them that he would do a dance if a strong challenger surfaced for Rants' seat.

The cheers from fellow Democrats during Whitead's dance were so loud that they could be heard in Rants' private office, which was across the hallway.

QCI has gotten exclusive video inside the Democratic Caucus. Check it out:

Now I’m all for dancing. Hell, I’m a dancing fool. Get me a juke box and a good looking girl who can humor a bubba like myself, and it’s on. But let me ask you a question Rep. Whitead… you are really dancing for this guy who is up against Rants? Surely this is a joke. While I’m sure Carlos will knock on every door and attend every church pie social… dreams how they do die hard.

The sad thing is, to make this guy feel like he’s not a sacrificial lamb, they coaxed Whitead to do this hideous jig during the “show and tell” portion of the House Democratic Caucus this week.

Your government at work folks.

Speaking of dancing (and let downs)… check out the U of I Spring Game… don’t know our chances this year, but look out Emmitt Smith! (I’m sorry in advance to my fellow Hawkeyes for the sad but true joke)