Back to back Caucus Countdowns? Just like back to back wins by KC! WOOT!!!! Your Kansas City Royals have been undefeated for 3 days! And could possibly sweep the team that some predict will win the AL pennant… LET’S GO ROY-ALS! DUH! DUH! DUH DUH! DUH! On to a powder (power) blue Countdown!

IS THERE SOME SORT OF TRADE DEADLINE? Seriously dudes. Starting to hear where everyone is landing these days in the post ’08 caucus world… reminds me of a trade deadline in pro sports. For those who know me best, you know I actually collect old campaign business cards, like I do baseball cards. (seriously, it’s my inner political hack/junkie/nerd coming through) Nothing is more fun than to find an old Students for Lamar Alexander rookie card (mint condition) or a hall of famer type card in a retired (or ousted) state legislator card… OK, I think I’m losing some of you… this is really taking this reference too far. BTW… anyone have one of my Kasich Campaign rookie cards? It was a part of the 1999 Topps traded set… and is worth jack squat.

Former RPI ED and Steve King insider, Chuck Laudner, is now the campaign manager for David Hartsuch. Nice grab! I’m calling Hartsuch my sleeper campaign that may surprise a few right now. GOP campaign veteran Bob Haus is consulting over at Miller-Meeks for Congress. This means Miller-Meeks will have good quality media stuff.

Former Mitt Romney Iowa guys are moving to the world of Congressional campaigns as well. Former Mitt Fielder and Brian Kennedy staffer Derek Flowers has been taped as campaign manager for Kim Schmett for Congress. Tim Moran (a western Iowa guru) has joined Steve King’s congressional campaign. All great guys and will serve their campaigns well.

GENTRY IS HEADED TO TEAM STRAIGHT TALK – Speaking of Mittens, a key Mitt advisor is going to McCain. Marc Ambinder is whispering something that has been well known within McCainland for a while. Former Iowa Campaign Director for Romney, Gentry Collins, is going to be a RPD for the McCain campaign. It’s a signal for a couple reasons. 1) The campaign is serious about staffing with heavy weights, 2) the unification of the party is going well. Congrats Gentry! Welcome aboard the Straight Talk Express!

VEEP WATCHThe AP reported that the Senator is looking at running mates. Since the Final 4 is becoming to an end. You think we ought to start a pool?

AND FINALLY – All these changes and new moves have inspired me for a fun question for you QCI-ders? Tell us some of your first campaign experiences. Your first parade… phone bank… ect. And how it kept you hooked. And in honor of your first campaign experiences… here’s a little Foreigner on VINYL!