Here’s a little commentary from loyal reader “Ainsley’s Dad about the current situation with Jared Allen. I think he makes a little sense… but I’m still not going to be happy about it. Call me crazy, but I think Jared looks way better in red than he would in purple. Take it away Adam…


Jared Allen is my favorite Chief. I love Jared like I loved Bo Jackson in a house full of Chief fans. Not since #58 have we had a more fan appealing defensive player. I was asked to write this essay on the pros and cons of keeping Jared or trading him.

First the Pros:
1. Jared will fill the seats. No matter how bad the the o-line will hinder us, Jared will be bringing the pain.
2. No matter what happens, Jared's motor will be running. If he doesn't get traded, he will be pissed off and trying to prove himself again. Not since Vermeil told Larry to take off the diapers, have we seen the kind of anger that Jared brings.
3. Currently Jared is the leading the league in sacks with 15.5 and coming off a pro bowl season it would be nice to get another 15+
4. Jared is the one thing keeping us from calling this year a rebuilding year. With LJ on one side and Jared on the other it is hard to say we are in a rebuilding year.

Now for the cons:
Remember: although I am using some of the thoughts of King Carl, I in no way am defending that POS! It is Carl’s fault we haven’t had such a great run the last 10 years.

1. Having a player in the locker room that does not want to be there is bad for all the rookies we will be bringing in.
2. Jared is coming off of his break out year. Since he is healthy he is worth at least a round 1 and round 2 or 3 pick. Why not get a 2 for one special. If Jared is injured this year we are out a lot of money and no other players. If we trade him we have a chance at 2 players.
3. I know Jared is on one full year of staying out of trouble but the Chiefs are offering 8.8 million and a 20-30 signing bonus. That is life changing money. I don't care what the price is for a beer in Westport, I think he can cover any tab with that kind of money.
4. I can only think of a few D-ends that put in 5+ solid years and hit pro bowls for most of them. I am reminded of the Neil Smiths and the Reggie Whites of the world. Jared is not at this level yet. Today D-ends last about 5-7 years, if they get a few pro bowls great. Let’s not give big contract to a guy in his 4th season. If we sign Jared to a 5 year deal all he has to do is show up. Like LJ what is the drive to get up in the morning and play with some pain.

I think most sports fans in the KC area know how to handle rebuilding years. The Royals have been rebuilding for 20+ now and as long as they still have buck night and George Brett t-shirt night the stands will be full.

Most of us would love to say that if we keep Jared our season is going to be saved. Not true, if we keep Jared we will go 8-8 and miss a chance at a couple of good prospects. Let's drop Jared and soot for 4-12. I know I can handle 4-12 if I know it is leading to a 12-4 season in 3-4 years.