POWDER BLUE DEBUT – The Royals bust out the powder blue tonight in the opening game of the weekend series with the Twins. KC got spanked back to reality last night by the Yanks… but I’m a glass half full type of guy… at least we’ve already bested our record against the Yankees from last year, where the good guys only beat ‘em once.

With the blues out for the first time in 17 years… maybe they can return the winning ways of 6 division titles, 2 AL pennants and a world championship… I’m sure they will have to all grow mustaches in order to pull it off. POWDER BLUE POWER, MAN! POWDER BLUE POWER!

THE POPE’S HISTORIC VISIT TO THE U.S. – Peggy Noonan knocks one out of the park with her piece today about Pope Benny the 16th. I think it’s a must read. It’s a great one.

NEW SPORTS BLOG – Stumbled along a new blog put on by KCCI Channel 8 simply called Sports Talk 8. Good stuff and I’m adding it to the blogroll.

MOST ANTI-BUSINESS GENERAL ASSEMBLY SINCE 1965 –I can’t take credit for the headline here. It came from Dr. Don Racheter’s Wednesday Group that meets once a month. It’s a great meeting to learn what’s going on locally in the movement. For more information about the group, shoot Don an email at dracheter@limitedgovernment.org.

Anyway, back to the headline… Do you disagree? Everyone is going smoke free soon. We wouldn’t want hurt the state’s cash cow in the casinos, would we now. Not to mention a little sampling of shady and anti business laws passed this year. Didn't Forbes say have a bit about the DSM being great for business? That went fast with the years session.

Need a reason to take back the majority? I just gave you one.

Since the legislature seems a little out of touch this year, I'm busting out this oldie but goodie. Have a totally 80's weekend QCI-ders