DRAFT DAY! - The Chiefs are poised to rule the draft today. Here's a guest post from my man A-Ro who writes a GREAT blog call "A-Ro's Sports Blog." Check it out! Take it away A-Ro with your Mock Draft!

1. Miami Dolphins – Jake Long OT, Michigan
Wow, tough pick here…I hear he might hold-out if he gets drafted by them…

2. St. Louis Rams – Glenn Dorsey DT, LSU
Rams need help on both sides and this is the best player in the draft, so it makes perfect sense!

3. Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan QB, Boston College
This is your chance Atlanta. Get a QB NOW! Unless you think Joey Harrington is the future…Ryan could be a franchise quarterback…and if you draft someone else, you will probably be in the same spot next year. Then you could draft…ahhh…ummm…yeah, there isn’t a highly touted QB for next year…

4. Oakland Raiders – Chris Long DE, Virginia
Al Davis will manage to screw this pick up somehow…but do you think he would really let Howie’s son play for the Chiefs? Me either!

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Vernon Gholston DE, Ohio State
Pick 1 of their 127 picks in this year’s draft. Gholston will attempt to fill the hole left by the Chiefs trading Jared Allen.

6. New York Jets – Darren McFadden RB, Arkansas
Run DMC grew up in New York. Oh, that’s right; they play in Jersey, not Queens. And this DMC plays football and doesn’t rap…that I know of…

7. New England Patriots (from San Francisco) – Keith Rivers LB, USC
Patriots’ linebackers are OLD, OLD, and OLDER. Rivers would inject some youth and maybe have energy to last a full season.

8. Baltimore Ravens – Branden Albert OL, Virginia
Sorry Ravens, Ryan is off the board. Rivers would be a good fit, but he is gone as well. If this happens, I think they will try to trade down, if not, Albert is the pick.

9. Cincinnati Bungles – Cincinnati Parole Officers/Police Department
It would be a lot easier for them just to get an office inside the stadium to hold players instead of dragging them around the city. But, if this isn’t allowed they will probably pick whoever has the chance to get in trouble with the NFL. Aqib Talib already admitted marijuana use, so he sounds like a good choice.

10. New Orleans Saints – Sedrick Ellis DT, USC
The Saints really want to move up and grab Dorsey. But Ellis would be the next best choice and he could still be around for them at number 10.

11. Buffalo Bills – Derrick Harvey DE, Florida
The Bills need a receiver more than anything, but there is not a good value pick here. Harvey is a monster coming off the edge and should be a great pick for the Bills with an average defensive line.

12. Denver Broncos – Chris Williams OT
Williams is the number one lineman on the Broncos board, more than likely will end up right here. But, you never know what the Broncos are thinking.

13. Carolina Panthers – Ryan Clady OT, Boise State
The Panthers will probably take the best lineman available here. That will be Clady or Jeff Otah depending on who is ranked higher in their room.

14. Chicago Bears – Rashard Mendenhall RB, Illinios
It makes too much sense for this to happen…which means it probably won’t. An Illinois stud running back staying within the state. Did anyone see the Bears offense last year? Yeah, it was ugly…but not much different from every other year…

15. Detroit Lions – DeSean Jackson WR, California
Another receiver? You know it…Matt Millen doesn’t know how to draft anything else…especially with Harvey and Mendenhall off of the board. Okay, seriously…probably Otah if those two are gone, otherwise they would try to trade down.

16. Arizona Cardinals – Leodis McKelvin CB, Troy
McKelvin could be the best defensive back in the draft, but with so many corners available, he might be higher or lower on the board.

17. Kansas City Chiefs (from Minnesota) – Mike Jenkins CB, South Florida
Pick 2 of now 210 picks this draft is a tough spot for the Chiefs…all of the top lineman are gone. But, assuming they took Gholston, Jenkins would be the pick here. Ty Law isn’t getting any younger and they need to continue to upgrade their defense.

18. Houston Texans – Jonathan Stewart RB, Oregon
Maybe Houston thinks they can win without taking a running back. They have passed on Reggie and AP during the previous two drafts, so who knows!

19. Philadelphia Eagles – Jerod Mayo LB, Tennessee
Mayo would be the best value pick here for the Eagles. They also could go after a cornerback here, but Mayo should be the choice.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Devin Thomas WR, Michigan State
Thomas is the highest rated wide receiver in the draft and would be a great pick if he falls to the Bucs. Galloway and Hilliard are starting to age and a young receiver they can groom would be a huge pick.

21. Washington Redskins – James Hardy WR, Indiana
Washington has been trying extremely hard to acquire a receiver in the past couple of weeks, going after Ocho Uno and Anquan Boldin. Hardy would be a big target and give them a taller receiver besides Moss and Randle El.

22. Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland) – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB, Tennessee State
Has anyone seen the new-age Pac-Man game? He goes around firing gun shots instead of eating the ghosts and instead of picking up pieces of fruit, it is large money bags. That being said, who knows if he will play football and Rodgers-Cromartie would be the pick here.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers – Kentwan Balmer DT, North Carolina
The other pick would be Merling from Clemson, but he is more suited for the 4-3. Balmer could provide valuable depth for the Steelers d-line and could take over for Aaron Smith in a couple of years.

24. Tennessee Titans – Limas Sweed WR, Texas
Again, another pick that makes too much sense to happen. Sweed and Vince Young re-connecting their championship glory. Sounds perfect.

25. Seattle Seahawks – Malcolm Kelly WR, Oklahoma
They could go after DeSean Jackson here, but it seems like Jackson would be like the same receivers they have. Kelly might be a little reach, but his size is what the Seahawks would get at this position.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars – Phillip Merling DE, Clemson
The Jags would be very happy if Merling fell this far. They need help on the d-line and he would be a perfect fit for them.

27. San Diego Chargers – Gosder Cherilus OT, Boston College
Cherilus would be the best available lineman at this pick and the Chargers really don’t have any pressing needs. This would be a good value pick.

28. Dallas Cowboys – Felix Jones RB, Arkansas
Not the Arkansas running back that Jerry Jones wants, but still a very nice compliment to Marion Barber. Although, word is they are seeing what Michael Vick and Chris Henry’s availability is for this draft…

29. San Francisco 49ers (from Indianapolis) – DeSean Jackson WR, California
This would be a good scenario for the 49ers who need explosive weapons. Jackson would make an immediate impact in the return game and he could develop into a deep threat for the receiving corps.

30. Green Bay Packers – Brandon Flowers CB, Virginia Tech
The Packers need some help in the secondary and Flowers could turn into the best corner to come from this draft class. They could also go after a tight end here, but the second round should be an easier round to grab one.

31. New England Patriots – SPYGATE Video Tapes, All over football
The Patriots should have to wait the entire ten minutes and go to their room or sit in a corner to think about what they have done to hurt everyone. But here is the prediction…just after the team is announced forfeiting the pick, everything around the US will go black…and a minute later the power comes back on as if nothing happens…a few minutes later teams are realizing that they are missing pieces of information on players. The NFL discovers the Patriots were videotaping everyone’s war room and had people on the inside to take information and run when the power goes out…Patriots are forced to forfeit every game for the upcoming year and are relocated to Los Angeles. After losing their first game at St. Louis and the next game at home against Oakland, fans riot and burn down the stadium. The Patriots as a team fold, NFL gets a new team in Vegas and Bill Belichick is never seen again…

32. New York Giants – Kenny Phillips S, The “U”
I think Phillips is the best safety available in the draft and would be a solid choice for the Giants after losing a couple players including Gabril Wilson.