Sucka Emcees Can't See Me...

Holy eff dudes. Where the hell is this Summe going? Anyone else think this one is going fast? Dayam.
Anyways. It's been a while... So I decided I would do a randomish... type of camp update... you know like... how's the Summer going... for the Summer of Epic... oh and a little house cleeaning procedures here at QCI.
So... in no particular order of stuff...
BUICK WEEK - Holy crap man... so awesome. #goodjoboutofyou to my Dad and his crew for putting on an awesome, awesome event up in Ames this week. The highlight was Friday. Freaking. Amazing. I have never seen my hometown packed like that. 250 plus classic Buicks in Downtown Jewell. And from talkng to the Buick folks... it was the best time they have had these national meets. A lot of people from across North America found out, I've known for years. Jewell rules.
EPIC FOOD WEEK - I gotta tell ya. Are you paying attention Flyover Foodie? HOT DISH! So dudes... had a ton of sweet corn this past week. FTW! Got to celebrate the good stuff from back home. From basically pork everything... tenderloin, chops and yes... my favorite, pork burgers. Then, epic turkey... from God's Country. We have a ton of turkey producers back home. Here's a quick fact... if you order a turkey sandwich from Subway... 9 times out of 1o... it came from Southern Hamilton County. #goodjoboutofyou Mark Dorenbush and crew for great turkey uptown. Oh... and we serve over a ton of corn up in Jewell Friday. Off. The. Chain.
HICKORY PARK - Yes... I even hit that up. Yes... I have said it's kind of over rated. That's just because, I'm from there. While entertaining peeps from out of town... I utilized a new saying for you all... "When in Rome, do what the Romans do. If you're from Rome, entertain the guests." Hickory Park is still great. Never had a bad meal there... for the record. But there are other great joints... just wish O'Malley and McGee's was still around. I and many others from the area miss that joint.
POLITICS - Not sure if there's much to report... I mean... it's freaking August. New ads are going up... most of them beating the shit out of each other. I know this is nessesary... but... sometimes... I just wish on both sides... they could tell a story why their candidate is great. Not why the other sucks. This goes for both sides. But, it is what it is.
QCI BOOK CLUB? Hmmmm... maybe. A loyal reader asked what I have been reading this Summer. So here it is.... In the middle of the Karl Rove book. It's awesome. Finished the Dick Vermeil biography earlier this summer... and started to read... for the 6th time, Why We Suck by Denis Leary. I still LOL while reading it. Did I really just type LOL? Sigh... gonna pick up Game Change next. Heard it's like crack cocaine for political junkies. Like the good stuff from over seas. Not the stuff that's cut here. Yeah... not making Coke references? Uh... well... I guess.
AND FINALLY... More stuff... have an epic thought on 2012 that you might enjoy. Stay thirsty my friends... and a crank this awesome from the 90's...