Answering the REAL important questions of the day

I can't believe I haven't said anything about this earlier, my bad. Anyways... a few weeks back I made the trek up to South Dakota for my cousin Angie's wedding. Side note: man oh man is that a long drive. Good times had by all, just like we always do in my family....

BUT, along the way I found out the answer to a very important question that was asked about 8 years ago...

"So they serve hamburgers at Taco Johns?"

On my way to South Dakota... I stopped at the Taco John "Mexpress" (epic) in Rockwell City... and I got the answer.

Hamburgers, no. Taco Burgers, yes. So technically they do serve burgers. Ending a long debate.

So there you have it.

Yes. Yes, they do serve burgers at Taco Johns.

And the Earth is a better place for it.