Flood Coverage via the Book of Faces

For you non locals and non ISU peeps, this is Stange Ave in Ames. Photo ripped off from Swany's Facebook Mobile Uploads this morning.

Hearing some disturbingly familiar news coming out of Ames this morning. Please send some good vibes up North and everyone else dealing with this mess. I got tons of family and friends up there. From a few updates from them. All seem to be alright. Just too soggy and can't get around town so well. But everyone is safe.

As I said, the pictures from Ames are familiar to what happened in 1993. Kind of freaky, but last week I was just looking at the line in the Scheman Building of where the water levels were in '93. My guess is its about there right now.

If there is anything to call "cool" at times like these compared to '93, is there are hundreds of reports on the floods via social media. Here's what a few of my peeps are saying about Ames and other flooding via Facebook statuses this morning...

"Yes that's 9.10 inches of rain in the last 24 hours folks."

"I've begun rationing Sun Chips...just in case..."

"Good think I have a Kayak! I may need it!"

"Rain washes out practice at the Jewell Golf course--will be practicing at the high school today (10:00) and Friday (9:00)--swimming is good exercise but not on a cross country course. Can it rain anymore around here--need some dry time!"

"spent the morning on a date with a wet vac in the basement"

"Any suggestions on how to get to Des Moines today? Might be an adventure."

"Giving a shout out to my sump pumps today as I watched all of my neighbors pumping water out of their basements"

"Prayers to the MANY people who are flooded, stuck because of the flood or are just trying to get home and aren't able...prayers for dry days and a quick and painless clean up. You can always by more things...but you can't replace the people you love...stay safe!"

"Beer trucks pulled from Ames today. I guess that is a good indication of how bad it is up there."

"And I-35 south of Ames is now closed, just peachy."

"too bad i live in north ames and was able to make it to work today"

"Seems like Armageddon around here...all major roads are closed around Ames and people are freaking out; yelling, screaming and honking at others on the road. Seems the only feasible means of transportation is on our bike. Couldn't even make it to daycare as all roads leading to are closed."

"Keeping everyone affected by the floods in our thoughts, especially those up in Ames."

"So and so called me and told me Des Moines better brace for more water. Lots of flooding up north and the Raccoon River is higher than he's ever seen it...and he's been around that river his entire life!"

"OK, so they have revised the forcasted crest down to 19.5' instead of 23'...still a mess, but not quite epic! I've now been up for almost 28 hours....time to shower and get some sleep...and then still golf tonight :)"

"Here's hoping that folks down home in Osky, Eddyville, and Cedar/Fremont can dry out today!"

Hope everyone is doing alright. Keep sending good vibes to those who need them. Just a quick thought that hit me while reading these this morning... per usual here... in the face of disasters, Iowans are as cool as the other side of the pillow. Bringing some humor to the situation, thoughts/prayers to those in need... and just dealing with it. Because that's how we roll in the literal Midwest Coast.