How many days?

How many days until the election? Hmmm… how many? Oh. Oh yes. There’s 69 days until Election Day. *heavy heavy smirk* Just a quick hit here… oh don’t you worry, there are scores of more things to chirp about.

ABOUT LAST NIGHT - Man, late primaries may be a little foreign to us… but, how awesome are they? For me, watching other state’s primary election returns are like watching game 7 of a playoff series with 3 games all. I did tell you I’m a county supervisor for Dork County, right? Last night we got a little taste or maybe a little bit of political junkie fix with 5 state’s primary elections. John McCain won the nomination comfortably after a stiff fight… and we had ourselves a good ole street brawl in all sorts of races in Florida. Some mixed bags out there on what happened… But one thing is showing up and look for it here locally… because this will be the formula as we’ve already seen in the 3rd Congressional District.

Here’s the game plan for anyone "in trouble" to paraphrase Tim Russert: Go negative, go negative, go negative.

Look at the McCain race in Arizona, look at the Murkowski race in Alaska. Which one went negative? Which one didn’t? Which one won? Better stock up on brown paper bags on this Fall’s election. Because this is good she’s gonna look, if you catch my drift.

STATE VS FEDERAL - During all of the coverage yesterday, Politico’s Jonathan Martin had a tweet than rang some sense when it comes to campaigns in any state.

“FL great example of chasm btwn what folks in dc care about (Sen) and what pol class in state cares about (Gov)”

Let me translate for those not in Twittersburgh…. He is saying something like Florida is a great example of what DC/National peeps care about (US Senate and US House) versus what the political class in the state cares about (Governor, Legislature). This isn’t the only truth in Florida, but I argue every state in the union. It couldn’t be true here in our home state, but we being Iowa… always can have a twist on it. And why is that you ask? Let’s break it down.

State races will always out Trump and Federal race. Think about it. JMart talks about the political class in state, who’s that? Lobbyists and their associations… Elected officials and their constituencies… Political parties and their members… Big business owners and Unions…. so on and so on. It’s pretty simple. Where’s most of the political and monetary influence in Iowa? The Stateside. This is where they get their meal ticket and influence. It’s not rocket science.

Just thought that was a good take that’s not said enough. What do you think? While you chirp in the comment section... Get out of you chair and show off your epic moves to a littleTerence Trent D'Arby... Stay thirsty my firends.