Girl you know it's true... Peace and Chicken Grease...

So... just had a conversation after while heading home from the office.... epic conversations lead to epic ideas... thus leading to my bird brain idea of the day.

I think I figured out how to bring a little peace to our society. Something that may even save lives... you know keeping people from wanted to kill people... so here it is...

Alright... the idea stemmed from a conversation on war stories of poor service... usually from fast food joints... but then we started talking about other places and businesses who... let's face it... some days peeps just mail it in. You know?

Sometime this idea is a little foreign to me. I've always been at places where I enjoy what I'm doing, the people I work with... and really like working with the peeps. But I know there are many who are like John Lovetts working as a waiter in the 5 Timers Club, "Hey, work is work."

But then we started talking a little bit. Then it hit me... the 2 Percent Rule. Whoah. What is it?

It's simple... if we could possibly get everyone to at least take 2 percent of their day to give a shit... how epic would everything be? Think about it. How awesome would our country become.

Let's go back to the dude at the fast food joint... just 2% of his time there... to actually give a shit... things become more awesome. I like extra pickles sometimes on a burger. I will gladly pay for it... now... if the fast food kid is practicing the 2% rule? He'll be like, "Dude, I'm effing going 2 percent on this guy. Man, make sure you put extra pickles on that thang!"

See what I'm saying? If we could get everyone... at the very least... to give 2% of his day to actually give a shit about what they are doing... man, there would be all sorts of love, peace and chicken grease to go around.

Chew on that for a while. Hit me up with some comments... and yes... we're doing Milli Vanilli for the second time this week. I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I'm awesome. Stay thirsty my friends.