50,000 or something like that

If you're gonna celebrate something, why not with the Buckinghams? Makes sense to me.

So... yeah. By the time you all get here... I think I might have already passed 50,000 unique visitors or whatever the hell the thing at the bottom means. It's weird, never thought there would be something worth 50,000 people taking a look... but I guess so.
You make it this far... it's kind of a big deal. So, I should give some shout outs... in no particular order of course....

QCI-DERS - Aka... my loyal readers. Thanks for putting up with this very horrible usage of technology and the English language. I appreciate the feed back, good thoughts and encouragement along the way. it means a lot to me.
HATERS - Yups, talking to you peeps who hate it up in the inbox. It's all good. It's means you're reading. Thanks dudes... haters make you stronger.
CAMPAIGNS - Yeah... how many of you are dumb enough to add me to your press list and actually give me a seat at your events... OK, you're not so dumb... actually pretty cool. Thanks for reaching out.
AL GORE - Dude, thanks for creating these interwebs. Off the chain, dude. Off the chain.
PROPS TO MY TWEEPS - Yeah, I'm talking to you Twitter stalkers. You guys rule too.
GUEST/GHOST WRITERS - Man... especially the kids who knock out the "Gameday" posts. They out did themselves as always. They are always contributing to a story... or make a joke that usually makes it way here. These creepos are so creative and make soda come out your nose... especially when you are collaborating. Just awesome.
PEEPS WHO PROVIDE LINKAGE - There have been a ton of peeps who have linked this garbage a time or two. Thanks. You linking me up means you thought it might be worth wasting other people's time.

There are a bunch of other who I know are going to email me and be all pissy that I forgot to thank them... all I can say is. Sorry. Not that I'm sorry that I'm awesome... but I'm sorry you're awesome too. Can we be friends?

So yeah... what will bring the next 50,000 hits? Not sure.... will it make it that long? Your guess is as good as mine. As long as I'm having fun doing this... and as long as people are reading... sure. When that stops... I'll be done. End of story.

Not that I'm planning on going anywhere for a while. So stop that stinkin' thinkin'.

How about doing something in honor of our 50,000 hits? How something from the 5 Stairsteps?
Do your self a favor and crank this.... move it and groove it... and as always... stay thirsty my friends.