BREAKING NEWS: Vander Plaats will not return to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Holy smokes! Welcome to all the new readers of the World's Crappiest Blog. You may wanna come back and check this joint out once in a while. Because... sometimes we actually have some decent things here... but you will find out a couple of things if you do indeed become a QCI-der:

1. I really, really, really suck at grammar and spelling. My only defense is that it sounded really good in my head. Sometimes I forget to tell my fingers how to type.
2. While we'll talk a lot of politics and we're considered an "insider's blog"... a lot of time we straight up get random. Be prepared for junior high toilet humor, Chiefs updates and other completely off subject randomnous. And yes, that is how I spell the word.

Cool? Alright... how about a quick run through. OK. Good.

MEHLMAN POST - Thanks for all of the feed back. If you didn't check it out yet, click here or simply scroll down to the next post. From some of your emails and texts yesterday, some of you tried to name names. Or get me to say who I think it is. I'm being honest with you. We don't know who it is. This thing will just happen. Also, thanks for the kind notes on it. And yes, that’s Luke Roth on the left end of the picture on the post. Miss that dude.

BOBBY V - Let's talk a little local stuff. So Bob Vander Plaats is back in the news today. He's not running for Governor. He got a new job. And like Krusty, I'll say it. That's what this was about from the very beginning. Call me James Hetfield or Lars Ulrich because it’s Sad But True.

TODAY’S GINORMOUS ANNOUNCEMENT – So judging by the media types’ tweets, this was breaking news. Let me sum up most of these tweets in 140 characters of my own:


I can’t see so well. Do I have the number 85 on my shirt today? Because I’m gonna say, child please. Seriously media peeps? This entire Bob Vander Plaats exercise has been more ridiculously served with a LeBron James “Decision” on whole wheat Brett Favre bun slopped up with a side of Terrell Owens. Would anyone like a tack hammer for their head? Yes, have some.

THE MARRIAGE THINGER - Alright, this is starting to spin in my head a bit. Ew… I hate the spinnys. Anyway, so now there is this campaign to throw out judges. I guess this is how you can do this? Hey you political hacks out there… how many times since you’ve been in politics have you had to answer the question about the judges on the back of the ballot? How many of you have a decent answer to explain that?

Good. Thought so. Me neither. Good luck trying to make this translation to the average Joe Six Pack who makes his decision on a candidate because… well, that was the last yard sign they saw on the way to the polls. YES!!! SEE!!! I TOLD YOU YARD SIGNS WIN ELECTIONS!!!! Especially when you’re starting this a whole 90 some odd days out from the election, NOICE! Everybody, let’s give them a round of applause. Golf clap? Golf clap.

EPIC MOVIE NEWS - Dudes... Did you see this?!!! JACKASS 3D!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! OH. MAH. GAWD!!! If you haven't seen the trailer for it yet.... YouTube... oh and you're welcome. How is this relevant today's post? Hmmm... not sure. I guess there's just something about watching a bunch of dudes doing mindless stunts that puts things right in my head. Thus, makes it in the list of things that matter. Dudes... did I mention its in 3D. *head explodes*

AND FINALLY… How about some hip hop that makes you nod ya head when yous holler attin yo boys. Cranka it tup suckers! Stay thirsty my friends.