The Epic Battle for Surpremacy in God's County

A little break from politics here... because back in God's Country, it's opening week of football. And who do the Mighty Hawks start with? Those red and black clad derelicts from south of the Hamilton County line. Yes... the Iowa/Iowa State, the Celtics/Lakers, the Duke/UNC... Good/Evil... the epic rivalry of small town Central Iowa High School athletics...

The South Hamilton/Roland-Story Game.

All kidding and name calling aside... it is one of the best rivalries in Iowa. You think it is foolish to keep holding on to old high school rivalries?

You just ask any fella whoever wore one of those glorious symbols of freedom, a jersey that is red and white with "HAWKS" on the front. Ask any fella who has worn those dreadful dingy black with red trimmed jerseys with horned barbarians on their sleeves (*smirk*).

If you grew up with a Roland, Story City, Jewell, Ellsworth, Randall or Stanhope address... this is a big deal. You never, ever forget the South Hamilton/Roland-Story game. It's the first game you circle once the schedule is out. Bragging rights for an entire year and pride are on the line. No matter who's up or down, it's always a great game.

The Ames Trib has a good preview. Check it out here.

Last year, the Mighty Hawks had methodical drive that was sure to make many in Story City lose their lutefisk that night. Are we in for a wild finish this year? You betcha. The good guys have to travel to Story City... where South Hammies do not need to be reminded... they aren't so good at telling time in Scanda-cheat-ya. Yes, the decks will be stacked against Coach Coy's Warriors for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

I have faith.

I have faith that the honorable men in white will "fight through the night," defeat evil and "will bring home a victory."


Stay thirsty my friends.