Eggs, Trains, Hawks and Law Nuts

Long time no talk.

I know, when I don't post, puppies die. It's a lot of pressure. Just kidding, nothing really has been trippping my trigger to post... you know... when it's not being said by the others in the LBC.

Anyways... here's a random round out of things... that tripped the trigger.

BAD EGGS - Alright, dudes, I love eggs. They are so awesome. But no dirt bag freaking farmer from Wright errrr DeCoster County is gonna stop me from eating them. Also... anyone see that the Sierra Club wants an investigation on these farms now? What?! You don't say. Hey Sierra Club... good to see you're wearing acid wash jeans... because you're a little behind. Sierra Club, congrats you #fail. Oh and Uncle Clint, don't eat all of the deviled eggs. OK, good.
RIDE THAT CHOO CHOO, WOO WOO - OK... so I see that the powers that be in the DeMo are pushing the train thang. Is it me or is everyone in the economic developement community are slobbering over trains? And why? Really? I'm still waiting for my flying car. All this talk is giving me flashbacks of the Springfield Monorail episode on the Simpsons. Sigh...
LAW STUDENTS AND GRADS FREAK OUT - Alright... so the whole judge thing brought Sandra Day O'Connor to the DeMo... and if you take a quick skim of the Book of Faces... the Law School types are so hyped (+1), they need to change their shorts. Stickyish? Part of me says... BFD. But then upon further review... I might react the same way if Lars Ulrich showed up to speak at Darrell Kearney's Breakfast Club... so... maybe I kinda get it. Heavy on the kinda.


"So and so... Breakfast Club was at I-Hop this morning. I had the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity. Big mistake. Now i have Assy Gassy Stained and Nasty".

I will not have what that dude is having...

IOWA CITY CRACK DOWN - Alright... so the U of I is cracking down on drinking... tailgating and all that stuff that comes along with Hawkeye Football. Now, we all know the every game is sold out this season... they are making some coin on Hawk Fever. But here's a little cautionary tip to the University of Iowa and its athletic department. OK, so I get it... you hate the reputation of being a party school. That's fine. Create all the tailgating rules you want. Remember... all things are cyclical... and someday (and it pains me to say this)... the Hawkeyes will suck again. And its gonna be tough to sell those tickets. Don't try to take out all of the fun that comes with gameday when there won't be anything else to cheer about. I'm just saying.
SPEAKING OF IOWA GAMEDAY - So DesMoinesDem over at Bleeding Heartland tried to make some really freaking lame dig at our boy and loyal reader over the weekend in Twittersburgh. It was one of the most #epicfails in a while... nah, history. Seriously... this is what I don't get about you people... who the hell is watching anything else than football on weekends in the Fall? Who cares what else is going on in the world when Ricky Stanzi is laying on the ground injured? You people are heartless! Also, thumbs up to the U of I Student section for chanting USA when The Manzi marched back on the field. Love it or leave it.
MORE IOWA GAMEDAY - I've said it once... and I'm sure I'll be saying it again. Do not ask me to do anything on Iowa/Iowa State weekend... or anyone else for that matter. "Not everyone watches the game Grant." Child please. It's our state's Super Bowl. And if you still don't believe me... good luck trying to get attention for anything that day. C'mon son!
MORE HAWKEYE FOOTBALL - So the Big Ten announced the new divisions for 2011... and they now have the "rival game" on each school's schedule. Purdue? Really? I'm going to have shirts made next year that reads, "Um, I guess... I really really really freaking hate Purdue." But here's the real question. How can the Big Ten have "mandatory rival games" when just about every week in the Big Ten is a rivalry? Again, I'm just saying.
SPEAKING OF MORE EPIC FAILS - Leonard Boswell's campaign is on life support. Question is when will the DCCC pull the plug? Can't wait for Election Day on this one. When Zaun wins, I'll bet 50 bucks Leonard doesn't call to concede. Why do I say that? Because that's about as classless as the IDP YouTube put up for this race. I get that a hit is a hit... but if this is all you got... all I'm saying is... I look forward to hearing "Congressman Brad Zaun" used in sentences.

AND FINALLY... Just chill... until the next episode. Stay thirsty my friends.