QCI's 300th Post! On a very special day...

Huh!?!? What!?!?! 300 freaking posts? Yes. And it couldn't have come on a very special anniversary... for me it is...

Today, 10 years ago... was the day that was a colmunation that not only got me to this blog... but officially hook, lined and sinkered me into politics. Today is the 10th anniversary of the 1999 Ames Straw Poll where then Governor George W. Bush not only solidified him as the front runner... but it was the for push that would eventually win the nomination and 2 terms in the White House.
Because of this event... I have gotten to meet, know and call many who were involved that day, great friends. Wow... I can't believe it was 10 years ago. About the time of this post, I was waiting in the west parking lot of the State Capitol waiting for 500 plus Bikers for Bush... and 6 Forbes hanger-on-ers. State trooper escorts along with Senator Ben Nighthorse Cambell and the Governor Tommy Thompson.

It was a great day... a great victory... and a memory I will never forget. Nothing will ever be matched with that day... it was the last true Straw Poll. No offense to anyone, but nothing will beat that event.

Here's to all of my former Bushie staffers and volunteers... And yes... here's to all of my friends who were with our worthy opponents that day... wow... can you really believe it was 10 years ago? Here's some pics to bring you down memory lane... (oh and side note to all BFP peeps... I need a picture of the Grandmas for Bush lady....)