Mullet Watch 2009 - State Fair questions and answers...

Hey QCI-ders… the Mullet Watch continues as we close up on an era. I guess I’m not very surprised about the mixed reactions being communicated to QCI HQ. So to start off the first part of this week’s 24 hour coverage of the last days of the mullet… We thought we'd answer a couple of questions that might ease some of the tension out there… you know… because we care.

Why not wait to cut it until after the State Fair? – This has been the brunt of the outrage… concerning the ending of the mullet. And while… common sense would… of course would make sense that if you’re going to have a mullet, the State Fair would be your Huckleberry… but then again… would common sense bring someone to grow a mullet? Chew on that for a bit… Plus… deep down… when push comes to shove? We just felt that the State Fair is… well… too overdone and way overrated (gasp!) yes… I know… I know… I said it. Seriously… its basically the same thing every year… except, they make something new out of butter. We’re not dissing it… we’re just saying….

What about the mullet contest? I have addressed this before… but, since no one is listening… I will repeat it. I don’t need a contest to tell me that the hair is awesome. For real. Being awesome is not a contest… its just a straight up lifestyle… Think about this… you walk into a meeting or a favorite eating establishment, you have everyone’s attention. All have the look in their eyes of, “Dude… this guy is serious, he means business.” Then as you suddenly are on your way to be seated and your profile is revealed with the bad ass awesomeness flowing in the back… you begin to hear whispers, “Man…. that guy has some sweet hair… wow.” No contest can top that… being awesome, just happens… its not a contest.