Post Mullet Hodgepodge

So what up... starting to close up the books on the Mullet fever... though, by th looks of the inbox... you all are still in full swing of it... that's cool. Have some tributes left in the hopper to get your fill.

But we're getting back to our more normal randomnous way here's at QCI. With the last week of the Fair (gross), kids heading back to school and football season... well basically underway... stuff is gonna get es muy interesante around here. So we gots our ears on the ground... you know on the political stuf... but the fun don't stop there... awe hell no it doesn't.

A few loyal readers... well, could give two shits about that stuff... so we'll be bring some sexy back that is the randomnous as well.

Plus... all of us here at QCI are in full Chiefs mode... and soon... when we hear Gary Dolphin's voice on the radio... the psychotic Hawkeye weekends will be in the norm.

So... yeah lots of bad ass stuff to honor the post mullet era here at QCI... so sadness around here... no time to be down... you know why?

Because... we're dancers!!!