CC: Chiefs, Uncle Jesse and Awesomeness

Oh yeah... new header for a new era of the countdown. "G$, yous always be changing this thing up." I knows dogg. Haven't done a CC for a long time... so... let get to it.

THE CHIEFS - Alright, so the Vikes invited the Good Guys up to be the pinata for their big purple party with Favre. Turns out... ole Brett had the lowest completion rate to any Viking in his career... um... he throws a lot of INTs... 10 points if you get the reference. Anyways... Haley kept a lot of starters in the game.. for a long time... which is good. Feeling good about the Chiefs and the AFC West... you know... after watching Kyle Orton shit the bed... So we got that going for us.

HD 90 - So yo... hit that up last weekend... and now we are totally loving the VBC (Van Buren County). For real. I mean... it totally serves your inner El Camino well... Anyways... QCI-ders... get your asses down there. Didn't you all see this? Remember when we talking about the Iowa Comeback a while a go? This is where its starts. I'll be there this weekend, no excuses. You should be down there too. I mean, there's no fair... no football... be there. Now... or Saturday 90 for 90... go here and tell them you're gonna be there.

FLYERS? So, according to news peeps... there are some shady looking flyers that are turning up in media outlet parking lots that look like something made with Word 97... bashing Branstad. Then.... I guess there's an email from Alfred Pennyworth to follow up to these outlets... huh... So Bruce Wayne's butler is all interested in 2010... hmmm... who knew?

FACEBOOK STATUS(s) OF THE DAY - State Fair Edition

"So and so... knocked the wind out of a 12 year old on Bumper-Cars. I bet 2 corn-dogs that little cry-baby wont t-bone my daughter again! woo-hoo! I'm King of Carnie Fest! bring it you toothless f**kers!"

Nice... how about another...

"So and so... just got "corn dogged" in the pig barn by a 4H'er. Now I'm headed to the midway where i'm going to 'funnel cake' a carnie until I start to 'dippin dot'. I hate the state fair."

I wish I was making these up... Awesome.

POST MULLET ERA - So... its been a week later. And we have tried to quit talking about it... or at least leaving the mania behind. But how can you just walk away from the legacy of some sweet sweet hair? Methinks you cannot. But, it been nice running into QCI-ders... giving their best wishes... opinions on what looked better... and the numbers are a very polarizing 50/50... But... all agree on how bad ass it was...

AND FINALLY... Every single department over at QCI-HQ agrees on one thing... if you do find a bad ass cover... you must not only share it... but crank it up to share with everyone in the LBC... Remember... guilty feet have no rhythm... but guilty arms... can let you do the robot...