Mullet Watch 2009: Teachable moments...

In no particular order… here’s somethings we have learned through the course of the mullet. As a loyal reader expressed in an email, “You know, the mullet does have some teachable moments.”

– The most rewarding part of having this sweet sweet hair have been being able to bring awesomeness where you go. I mean… friends, family and fans from all over have come up and said, “Dude this is so awesome.”

IT CHANGES HEARTS – So, all of the anti-mullet peeps… totally against it at first… but as time and awesomeness did its thing… thoughts changed. The same people who were so against it… began to embrace it… then giving tips on the up keep… certain conditioners that would make it flow better… the mullet changed hearts.

YOU DON’T MESS WITH WIN STREAKS – When it was clear that this was indeed a playoff mullet… you didn’t have to look far from the record. The mullet was undefeated on road when in attendance of 4 games. Not only a playoff mullet, but a road warrior mullet.

BELIEVERS – From time to time… I’d get peeps saying, “I can’t believe you’re doing this….” Then they would just stare at it… quietly… then just about every time they would say, “You know what? I can believe you’re really doing this. It is awesome.”

RESPECT – Throughout this process of awesome… I’ve gained a million more times of respect for people with long hair. Man… it’s a lot of work. Good job out of you.

Next up… The Tributes. The inbox at QCI HQ has been flooded with tributes from longtime fans… and some of our coolest peeps. As we get them… we’ll post them.

Cutting Schedule… some have asked… stay tuned…