Mullete Watch 2009: A tribute from some blocks away on Edwards Street...

More tributes in the final hour before the official mullet cut...

This one from a long time friend who used to roll the streets with Jewell with me and other buddies... take it away Scoop...

I’ve racked my brain for what to say about a mullet, and realized that it’s not the mullet but the state of awesomeness that comes with the mullet that I want to celebrate. For Christ’s sake you grew a mullet!!!!! I think we need to spend these final days of the mullet realizing that the mullet was just a piece of the randomly awesome puzzle that is the QCI lifestyle.
Here are some more random acts of awesomeness and just plain awesome things that need to be acknowledged.
• Wife beaters or no sleaves in public. Does it get any more awesome than a “Gun show” and add an awesome point if the shirt has a ketchup stain on it. Or for the female equivalent, the Bikini top with jean shorts in line at the grocery store.
• Getting busted staring at someone’s chest, and then continuing to keep the eyes down. (Bonus awesome point if the girl doesn’t mind)
• 69 (if you’re cool you get it)
• States that still allow you to celebrate freedom by smoking in a bar.
• Cougars that have one too many mixed drinks
• Cheeseballs
• Any Garage that has a radio, friends, and beer in it.

So while it is sad to lose a mullet this week, don’t get too down in the dumps because these along with hundreds of other awesome things are still out there for all of us. Celebrate them won’t you?

Good job out of you... you get rewarded with the official song of the Mullet cut... because... while awesome... the Mullet always seems.... unforgiven...