Mullet Watch 2009: Ode to the Storming Mullet...

More and more tributes have been sent to QCI HQ... and just recieved a special one... its ethnic...

"Ode to the Storming Mullet"
(must be sung or chanted with an Irish accent and a couple friends clapping in the background)

There was a man in thee old Midwest, who put away his scissors and put the Stormers to a test.

As the days grew cold and the nights grew dark, the shag on his head was just the start.

Spring rolled around with the trees in bloom, his ole ears were covered and hairy wings did assume.

The sun was at its peak with the windows in the Rivera cracked, business in the front and party in the back

The awesomeness of this story ends with a punch to the gut, with a Stormers loss and a big haircut.

But as we salute our pal with this song and a tear, we know we can join him at Flanny's for an ice cold beer.