WU: What We Know Now...

Alright QCI-ders... let's get you updated... get random... and let you know what's going down... QCI has its ears to the ground... as well as does the rest of the LBC... So let's try to get you up to date and give you some tips.... This is collected from around the LBC and other sources... if I'm missing some stuff... feel free to add it in the comment section.
VOTING STILL GOING - Now you all know the machine shut down, per the last update... they just opened it again and plugged in the votes... so... there are some wiery warriors from the good guys' side standing watch...Our Homeboy Erik Helland is standing watch now...
NOTHING SAYS LOVE THAN FOOD - So yea... Helland is there now... we can report that the ISU College Republicans are bring down care packages... food and goodies... which you should all do the same. Check down and see who's there... and order them some pizzas... time for you chruch ladies to send some caseroles! For real... they are standing guard... hook them up... if you House Peeps have any requests... let us know... we'll post what you need. Or if you are running arrands... pick up some Red Bull... pick up some coffees... they're gonna need it.
LARRY MAREK - Wow... this guy is the buzz of the week... QCI can confirm that there were a lot of out of stateplates (Illinois for the most part) of "interested" parties who wanted to voice their opinions at his forums this morning... but get this... MAREK IS STANDING FIRM AND TOLD HIS PEEPS... HIS VOTE IS STILL NO. From a source: "Larry Marek just pledged at a public form less than 5 minutes ago that he will not switch his vote.

You should drop a line as well as the others... tell them to stand firm, and don't forget to thank them:

mckinley.bailey@legis.state.ia.us - doris.kelly@legis.state.ia.us - LARRY.MAREK@LEGIS.STATE.IA.US - dolores.mertz@legis.state.ia.us - brian.quirk@legis.state.ia.us and one who is a vote no yet to vote - geri.huser.legis.state.ia.us
- Hu Hu Hu Huge Props to McKinley Bailey (represents Stanhope). When push came to shove... he knew what to do... here's a recap from Rant's n Raves last night:
Ok, follow along as best as you can. After five and a half hours of debate, the voting machine opened. Right off the bat Democrats Bailey, Kelley, Marek, Mertz and Quirk vote "no." Bailey was out of the chamber before his light had turned red.

QCI can report that there was a car running out side of the Capitol waiting for him... kind of like trying to avoid the huge boulder rolling down the cave that is the House Leadership... dude... nice move...

If you haven't already... call 515-281-5566. Tell him... even the machine itself said enough is enough...
That's all we got now... keep it going... did I miss anything? Use and abuse the comment section this week. Wow... somewhere the West Wing writers are taking notes for a hot new drama...

TWITTER - Some of you have emailed for instant updates... my best advice is get on Twitter... start up an account and follow some of the good guys on mine... @grantyoung72 Seriously... you'll get the scoop faster than the blogs and reporters.

More updates to come... Woot!