EE: What the...

QCI READER: Two posts in day?!?!?!?! What’s got into you G$?
G$: Alright, enough with the DAMN ITs… and enough of this sitting on the sidelines shit… we’re going to offer some solutions ERR ideas ERR waste of your time...
QCI READER: [takes a sip of beer… then has the look of astonishment] (5 second pause)
QCI READER: [spits out beer because that can’t believe what they are seeing] (shouting) YOU DID TWO FRIGGIN POSTS IN A DAY!?!? AND TWO NEW FEATURES!?!?
G$: [rolling his eyes] Yeah, yeah… come on. Let’s get random.

So there are all sorts of websites now where citizens of the Great State of Iowa can offer their solutions or ideas on how to trim budgets and save money… which gave us yet another idea for a new feature… QCI’s Economy Eschnonomy. That’s right… not only do we all want to save a buck or two… but we would hope that our elected leaders would want to as well. We’ll post our ideas… and other cool stuff where you could save some money… today, here’s an idea for State Government… and well… the Feds could use this as well.

CHAPARRAL OIL EXAMPLE – Now I may need to dig up some old college notes… but I do remember a case study at Chaparral Oil… now Chaparral Energy. They were looking to cut costs and make their company efficient. What did they do? They offered promotions… and bonuses, I think… if employees of the company figured out a way to 1) make their departments more efficient 2) eliminate their job(s) 3) cut costs.

Now, I’m not sure how you could do it… but they might be on to something that State Government could utilize. Ask all departments to examine their procedures… I’m sure there’s some office joke… “Can you believe we make them fill out 5 forms to get a box of pens?” Yup… I had do that with my stints at the Inaugural Committee (which is a government entity)… get rid of the forms and simplify.

I’m looking at you state fleet… why buy these cars when we could have Enterprise or Thrifty bid to build a center north of the Capitol?

Oh, yea… the new carpet bullshit going on over at RIO? Yea… how about a cement floor? Isn’t some in thing now with exposed floors ect.? (sorry… the Home and Garden Show is coming to the building)…

Put this in the hands of the people on the front lines of State Government. Offer an incentive and God forbid… you might make a leaner government and enhance the level of service to its citizens.

Now that I am making the Government Employee Unions blood boil… how about that incentive of eliminating your own job… for a promotion? Not sure how you would structure it… I’m not that smart. But I bet you can figure it out… let bust out the exacto knives and embrace a REAL chance to shrink government. For real yo. Thoughts?